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Obama to increase minimum wage to 9 dollars.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Josh Jones, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Obama Seeks Minimum Wage Increase to Stimulate Economy in Speech - Bloomberg

    "President Barack Obama called for raising the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour and warned he'll use executive powers to get his way on issues from climate change to manufacturing if Congress doesn't act, laying out an assertive second-term agenda sure to provoke Republicans."

    And there you have it. More unemployment as small business will not be able to pay the increase of wage and fail as big business continues to dominate and inflation continues. How does everyone feel about King Obama?
  2. I feel the 9$ a hr min wage is very good. 7.25 isn't something you can live on.
  3. Be realistic. Neither is 9.
  4. Cost of living will just go up.

    And if anything, minimum wage is a motivator. People need to get off their ass and work harder. Everyone seems to settle for 'minimum'. If minimum wage was $30 and cost of living was the same, we would have no doctors, teaches, lawyers, etc.
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    In fairness, "Obama to increase minimum wage" is misleading. He merely advocated it; it's not like he's actually going to do it.
  6. The reason it isn't enough to.live.on is because stuff is expensive


    Because labor is expensive

  7. Why does everyone think raising minimum wage provides a better life for everyone? It doesn't. It does the opposite. Raising minimum wage causes prices to go up on everything, and it's also not fair to the employees that have worked their way up from $7.25 to $9 over their time of employment. Those people never get an adjustment raise when minimum wage goes up. If anything wages need to go down for EVERYONE.
  8. The min wage where i live is 7.25. And apts start at like 800$(for a pos)
    so it would help some people out
  9. I doubt you're going to find a single doctor or lawyer who cited "minimum wage" as the main reason they invested years and years of advanced education at a cost of $100,000+.

    If people are motivated, they're motivated. Minimum wage was a factor in my life for about 3 months. Then I got promoted and never looked back, as it should be for everyone else. Nothing more than a reasonable starting point and a fairly short-lived stepping stone.

    Only the lazy settle for minimum.

  10. No, but I would say they went to college with the intention of widening their career options instead of choosing fast food or a factory to work at.

    And I'm sure they definitely had money in their sight, long-term.

    Minimum wage CAN be a starting point, but most of the time it isn't. Most places who pay minimum wage don't have many opportunities for advancement.

    Fast food - You could become a manager, maybe make $9-10
    Retail - Starts off slightly above min. Doesn't top out too high
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    You really don't understand economics. At all. Go read, think about it, then when you think you're ready to form your opinion, go read and contemplate some more first.

    Here's the first step:

    As is almost always the case, your good intentions don't help anyone, and in fact cause more harm than the alternative. If we had fewer assholes with good intentions in politics we wouldn't be in such a clusterfuck right now.

  12. True it could have been worded better. However he did state in the article that despite what congress says, he'll use his "executive powers to get his way." Which is why i referred to him as king obama, thinking he can do whatever he wants despite what the people or congress has to say. Hope you are right though man.

  13. Good post i can post links saying the opposite doesn't really mean much...
  14. Been at a family owned store for 3 years. Manager position now..... One raise and it was two years ago. Lol.
  15. Ya dude this is bullshit, i don't need to be paying fuckin idiot kids still in high school $9/hr to make coffee.

    *edit* dankrupt, sry.... u got a crappy franchisee to work for.
    Theres not a lot of good ones out there. If you wanna do QSR, corporate is where its at.

  16. If your skills deserve a raise, you'll either get one, or you'll get smart and go somewhere else that will pay you what you deserve.

    If you go into fast food or retail thinking you're going to make a career out, you better have damn good interpersonal skills and drive to climb that ladder, or you're just very naive.

    It kinda goes without saying that you should be taking advantage of schooling as well. If you have a degree and are making min wage working at McDonald's, that's your own fault. Either you pursued a worthless degree, or you suck at job interviews.

    It all comes back to the free market deciding what is "fair." If you're worth more than min wage, you will have the opportunity to earn more than min wage.

    And of course, if our govt wasn't so loose with OUR money it wouldn't be so worthless, cost of living wouldn't be so high, and there wouldn't be any need to even discuss this unemployment-causing ruse of "minimum wage." But then again it would also be nice to shit rainbows and fly on magic carpets....
  17. When you neither read nor comprehend what is in the links, then you are correct, it means nothing.

  18. Way to sound like a condescending jerk. Honestly I agree with you in that raising the minimum wage would just raise the cost of living driving prices up, but I'm not a fan of how you voiced your opinion.
  19. I did it for years. In fact, I did it before it went from $6.55 to $7.25. It's not the best, but it can be done.

    Smaller businesses can't afford to pay a high minimum wage. Yes, it sucks, but raising it won't fix the problem. That's like saying printing more money will fix our economy.
  20. I'm not trying to argue semantics but

    seems clear enough to me. If Obama was going to use an executive order to raise the minimum wage, he would've said so. He's not going to do it though.


    Frighteningly enough, people do actually think printing more money will fix the economy. Our politicians sure do.

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