Obama stokes racial fears

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  1. [ame=http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c59_1286837044]LiveLeak.com - Despicable Miserable Racist, Obama: Republicans Are Counting On Blacks Staying Home[/ame]

    Imagine McCain saying something like this! His career would be over. Why does Obama have free reign to constantly spread racist hatred?
  2. He's telling his base that the GOP is depending on Obama's base to not show up at the polls in order to win. He's simply telling members of his base this fact.


  3. If that was racist hatred, then I really can't believe it's not butter.

    Spread it around.:smoke:
  4. Yea I think he's just pointing out that black voters are racist, not that the GOP is racist.
  5. inb4 victims of leftwing MSM propaganda
  6. So, you would have had no problem with Bush specifically telling white voters to get out because Democrats didn't want them to vote?
  7. None at all. It's called pandering, and it's also the truth. Each side is depending on voter turnouts, and Democrats have historically bad turnouts during mid-terms. Black people are overwhelmingly Democrat. Obama is telling black people, one of his largest demographics, to go out and vote.

    You Republicans claim you want to live in a post-racial world, but you guys are just as bad as black people are when you use race as a victim mentality. Claiming victim because of race goes more than one way, and crying that Obama is telling black people to go out and vote proves that your kind don't want race relations to simmer down, because it gives you license to cry wolf whenever you can. The same way black people don't want race relations to simmer down so they can also cry wolf.

    If you TRULY wanted to live in a post-racial world, you'd stop bringing up petty stuff like this, and black people would stop trying to complain about being oppressed, but since you both benefit politically from victimhood, it will never stop.

    And to more directly answer your question, I think it's more appalling that Bush and Obama aren't brought up on war crimes.

  8. Its more than pandering. Its racial fear mongering. Obama's is implying that the GOP is racist and wants to keep blacks from voting.

    Right and I'm sure nobody would have a problem with the GOP rallying "white" voters. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    No, we're just trying to hold the race baiters to the same standards they hold us to.

    My kind? Again, you seem to be claiming that by pointing out Obama's CONSTANT race baiting, that I am myself stoking racial division. I'm not even going to bother arguing with you on it, because its just so utterly ridiculous and hopefully most thinking people will see through it.

    Obama brought it up. I'm just posting it. I'm not the one who claimed I'd bring about a post-racial world, Obama did.

    I've been "post-racial since I was 11 years old. At this point, I'm just trying to expose the hypocrisy of those who keep us divided.
  9. Maybe in bizzaro-Ann Coulter-land, but here on Earth, Obama is telling black voters to go out and vote, because historically, they don't vote during mid-terms. He said nothing about the GOP, you just think he did because some Conservative pundit told you he did by taking his word out of context, and now you're reproducing that propaganda here.

    It's clear as day. Each party doesn't want the other party to have good voter turnout. If the other party's turnout is low, you win the election! 1+1 = 2. Obama is just trying to prevent low voter turn-out for the Democratic party by pointing out that the 'other party' doesn't want you to vote. It's simple math, Dronetek. It's not about race, you're making it about race because it suits you politically.

    I don't disagree with you, but the broader point here is that people need to stop using race as a way to claim victimhood. So while you're right that the black caucus would be outraged, they're just doing what's politically feasible. The exact same thing you're doing by making this thread. Exploiting race is exploiting race is exploiting race.

    Right, you're using the same tactics they do, and cry wolf on issues of race, when there is no reason to. It suits you politically and energizes your base. It makes them more engaged when they think they're under attack.

    That's exactly what you're doing. Thanks for finally realizing it! Every time some conservative claims Obama is 'race baiting', the viewers or readers of that conservative pundit will think to themselves, 'yea, Obama is really out to get us, we need to get mad and kick his ass out of office'. It is politics. By saying that Obama is a race-baiter, it makes GOP voters angrier and more likely to go out and vote. That's why the polls saying that GOP voters are the 'most excited to vote' in the mid-terms. Because demagogues like yourself create narratives telling them that they are under attack, and when voters feel under attack, they're scared into voting.

    Welcome to Politics. :wave:

    No, I'm saying that Republicans and proto-typical Conservatives talk about how they want black people to stop playing victims so that we can live in a post-racial world, and I'm simply pointing out how Republicans and Conservatives talk the talk but don't walk the walk. They want black people to stop using race as an excuse to claim victimhood, but they're unwilling to part with using race as victimhood. That's my point. Race relations in this country as so bad because neither of you will let it die, it's not politically convenient to stop crying wolf.

    Clearly you're not, because you love to expound this narrative that Obama hates white people, when in reality, all you're doing is taking his words completely, 100% out of context.
  10. /thread

    lets move on
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    You need to clean out your ears. He clearly says, what the other side is counting on".

    No, actually i just found this clip on LiveLeak.com. The context is right there, if you even know what context is.

    Well sure, but they dont make it a racial issue. If the GOP made a racial issue out of voting, you and the MSM would go ape shit.

    Right, he said the other party doesn't want "black folks" to vote.

    No, Obama made it about race. You need to not post when you're high, because you make no sense.

    How is exposing their tactics, using the same tactics? Its not at all. One is using race as a hammer, the other is pointing it out.

    Obama stokes racial fears and I'M the demagogue. You're disconnected from reality my friend.

    Again, this was an Obama slogan. Why do you keep attributing it to "conservatives"?

    I'm not expounding anything. I'm posting Obama's own words. What context are we missing when Obama says he "has a deep seeded hatred for white people"? What context are we missing when he attends a racist church for 20 years and is mentored by the racist pastor for the same amount of time?

    These are facts that you feel threatened by, so you try as hard as you can and make me the topic. You guys do it in every single thread I post.

  12. Who asked or forced you to post?
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    this thread represents everything i hate about racism, because when something is said that is not in any way racist, people jump ALL OVER it and transform it into a racial divide. the same way that the obamacare/tribal poster was lumped into the racism pile, even though it brought up valid points that got covered under the slime of RACE. obama brought up valid points (that kylesa repeated) about low voter turnouts, the democrats chances this november, etc etc. dronetek, you're missing the point.

    i despise obama and everything he represents, im not a shill for the democratic party, im most certainly not brainwashed by the mainstream media, and i definitely believe that you are sensationalizing this story

  14. Well, I never said it was "racist". I said he stoking racial fears. Hes basically continuing this idea that the GOP is somehow out to get "black folk".

    Its not a story really, just a video clip I found to be disturbing considering hes supposed to be the president. You know as well as I do that if Bush said the same thing, but to "white folks", it would be the end of him.
  15. i completely disagree with this

    i completely agree with this
  16. Agreed...race will stop being an issue when people stop sensationalizing it. Unfortunately, it's all too apparent that way too many people like to do so.
  17. He's not really inspiring any unity.:(

  18. I like this sentence here because while I can agree with it wholly, it proves 100% Kylesa's point that neither side will drop the race card. It's like you're saying "But he did it too" and pointing your finger backwards in time to a parallel universe where Bush would actually do that. If hypothetically he, or his father, or Reagan, or Ford, or Nixon or any other Republican president (because you sound so whiny whenever I here you bring up Bush) in our recent history had said something along the lines of "Come on white folk, let's get out there and vote because we're white!" then yes, I'm sure the minority population may be a bit put off by the majority rallying in such force. Didn't happen though, and we all understand what would have happened. Still doesn't actually prove that Obama is fear mongering over race.
  19. He tried that in the beginning, remember? No one was interested.

    This thread is so typical and full of the usual little jabs when someone doesn't have an intellectual response. This isn't about race, this is about voting and numbers. To claim Obama is a racist is absurd, and I don't even like the guy. If you want to run him in the ground then stick to the facts, there are plenty.
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    Spoken like someone who has no idea what hes talking about. Obama has said a multitude of racist things, as well as being mentored by a racist for 20 years. Its not really up for debate.

    That is, if Obama were white it wouldn't be up for debate. The way you guys go out of your way to defend Obama is a good example of the double standard that exists.

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