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  1. Obama's presidency has been a monument to the effectiveness of propaganda. I remember when he was first running, people were saying he was going to legalize herb, get us out of Iraq, he was going to be 'anything but Bush' (when in fact, he's WORSE than Bush), etc. Obviously none of what was said about Obama became true, and it shows how America is beholden to image, and not substance.

    However, THIS is hilarious. Part of Obama's image, is that he's a good sports player, and pretty knowledgeable about sports. But as the article below points out, that simply isn't the case, and the fact that people are drooling at the mouth to prop up Obama for something he isn't. Shit like this really brings out the 'cult' in the cult of personality. This is the type of shit you see in Evangelical churches, where old grannies are getting ripped off by these Church CEO's, all while saying how 'nice' that preacherman is. Especially coming from someone like Kerns-Goodwin who is well-respected and has tons of awards, and sits there and froths at the mouth over Obama's (lack) of sports knowledge and physical grace.

    Obama could have concentrations camps for gingers and these idiots would still sit there and apologize for him. It's sad.

    Gushy Sportswriter Nonsense About "the First Fan" - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

  2. I hate Obama as much as the next guy, and I really hate the blind support he gets, but do sports really matter?

    Who the fuck cares? I don't. His policies are in fact worse than Bush's are, but that has nothing to do with baseball. It has to do with bad policies.

    I hated Bush, but what was even worse than the fact that Bush was doing evils all around the world was the fact that hating Bush turned into a fad and happened in any way, shape, or form imaginable (including cartoon shows!).

    Instead of hating on Obama for not knowing who is who in baseball, let's hate on him for being an asshate puppet like the rest of DC. Can we agree on that?
  3. My point is not really about sports, it's about how these idiots are apologizing for Obama and claiming he's something he's not, and are getting all romantic and starry-eyed. Obama doesn't know shit about sports, so why does he act like it, and why do people pretend he does?
  4. Fuck that. I can't wait to watch him fill out next year's NCAA basketball bracket. I really love hearing his ESPN fed opinions. Does anyone know if he's traveling to South Africa for the World Cup?
  5. This reminded me of when O'donnel started accusing Gingrich of being a racist for suggesting Obama "stop trying to be the athlete in chief and be the president". On one hand the media plays basketball with the guy, instead of asking tough questions and on the other they want to accuse people who criticize that behavior of being racist.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKeJozGmvF4]YouTube - Norah O'Donnell calls Ginrich a racist.mov[/ame]
  6. Gingrich isn't the one making blanket racial statements, Norah is just projecting her own racist persona onto Newt. People on the left tend to project their racism quite often though.

  7. Exactly. Its a symptom of white guilt/self hatred. You see the same thing over an dover again in the MSM.

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