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Obama Sends 100 US Troops to Uganda to Help Combat Lord’s Resistance Army

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Catatafish, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2011/10/obama-sends-100-us-troops-to-uganda-to-combat-lords-resistance-army/

    Some more countries checked off the governments "to-do list" :rolleyes:

    Also in the news


    I still can't understand why they don't like us, don't they know were just trying to help?
  2. uganda has been begging for us to help kill that guy for years, we stood by as people were massacred, enslaved and indoctrinated to be child soldiers.
    I dont know the root cause of the problems in uganda, but ive met a former child soldier that made it out and came to the USA. The thing is I dont trust anything my government says, so theres no way to know if there helping or taking advantage.
  3. Sending in "advisors" is the first step to armed conflict. At least they aren't bullshitting it as a "policing effort" anymore... Oops.
  4. Always make you wonder what our real reasons are for being there because its obviously not to help the Ugandans.:rolleyes:
  5. Obama sent in Special Forces(Army). This is one of their missions, internal defense. Prolly a bunch of 1st Groupers, since Africa is their sector. Gotta man AFRICOM with the best.

  6. Hoooooaaaaaahh!!! Go get him boys
  7. How is the LRA a threat to the US?
  8. The empire is at it again :mad:

    Our own nation is crumbling from within, and we get ourselves involved in yet ANOTHER country's civil war.


  9. I would say the only thing I would have against that meme would be that Obama didn't tank the economy. It had already been "tanking" since Bush. Obama was just handed over the responsibility and everyone is up his ass for it.
  10. there not a threat to the USA.

    but i dunno man, theres some people getting fucked, and theyve been asking for help for decades. I dunno why the UN hasnt helped.

  11. LRA's child slavery ring in the name of religion is disgusting- and if 100 Green Berets can help curve such problems, out of combat, i don't necessarily see a problem

    but this certainly seems like it's a prime example of expansion of US imperialism.. doesn't it. other countries need to play a more extensive roll (granted, the French are at least trying), not just the USA

  12. Don't be so quick to carry the water, you might be surprised if you do some digging.

    AHEM >>> The Humble Libertarian: Bush 2.0: 100 Ways Barack Obama Is Just Like George W. Bush


  13. I'm not trying to sound harsh but who cares? If we try and give everyone freedom, what will be next? I mean, jihad is waged in a lot of countries. It does not mean that we need to interfere. That's like being the best team in a league and giving the worst team some of your players to make them better. It just doesn't work like that nor make sense.
  14. Tbh, if I was Obama, I probably wouldn't consult congress on anything at all either. All this congress does is play games like a 13 year old immature girl and they dont approve anything he does.

    Im not a fan of Obama by any means, but Im also not a fan of rape of any human, especially children. I coulda swore we had this thing once called "The Constitution" that tells people in government how to do their jobs, what powers they have, etc. Apparently this document was lost or something, because no one is doing their job anymore and no one, once elected, seems to know what their job is, how to perform it, and who their boss really is.

    Wish I could get paid a quarter of a million dollars a year to play God with people's lives. Apparently, no experience is required. We should take out an ad in the Washington Post, President needed, no experience necessary.

  15. The Constitution tells us to intervene when other countries are having problems? This is news to me.
  16. It's Africa guys. How hard would it be to contract a private military than asking the USA for assistance?
  17. Uhh, the President has to get approval from congress to go to war unless our country is in danger, no?
    The Constitution doesn't apply to the entire world, just America.
  18. I think it is time for another peace prize!!!
  19. Ya'll have some weird beliefs for stoners. I learned early in life to have a duty to help the other, even if it's tragic, not be a flag waving nationalist tool, and so on. I figure other stoners would share the message of peace and compassion, stick up for human rights, etc. But to say that it's not our business, even if sending 100 special forces could stop mass murder, is too political/ideological.

    Besides, since it's the American people's decision (which I really think it is) to say, stop child slavery, violence, genocide, etc (of course only if it doesn't burden us too much, and here I would agree it does in the middle east) then it's our government's role to interfere.

    @VAD3R I would give a more sentimental analogy saying it's like hearing your neighbor beat and torture his wife and children every night. And listening to his bruised and bloody wife knock on your door crying for help, then making the decision to ignore it because you're afraid, or stand up for what's right (if there is such a thing).
  20. Obama, eliminating the lefts anti war movement faster then republicans could have ever dreamed.

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