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  1. Its not the amount of time our kids spend in school that the problem. Its the quality of education. It makes no difference if kids are in 6 or 8 hours a day if they are being taught garbage.
  2. There wouldn't be such a problem if teachers and schools made more efficiency of time use.
  3. [​IMG]

    More of anything won't fix the problem. The problem is systemic. Public schools are just becoming abject failures. School districts all across the country are moving towards privatizing the entire district. The best example is the second-largest district in the country, the Los Angeles county school system. Hundreds of schools are 'up for sale', to the highest bidder, to take over the functions. I remember reading somewhere that there's a 5% literacy rate in mathematics in that school district. It's truly abysmal. I've also read about privatization in New Orleans, Michigan, and a few other states whose names escape me at the moment.

    But yes, this is a good step in the right direction, longer school years, with less vacation times will hopefully push kids into charter and private schools. Public opinion has charter/private schools supported by over two-thirds of Americans. Now is the perfect time for an education renaissance.
  4. Kylesa, I'd be interested to see how class-size factors into that graph. Few teachers, if any, have the ability to teach 35 kids how to read.
  5. +rep for this chart, I've never seen a clearer example of when throwing more money at a problem doesn't make it any better.
  6. God forbid we teach our kids more.. :p:p

  7. yeah.
  8. It's not that we don't want to teach our kids more, it's that public education is a failure, and keeping kids in school longer is a waste of resources, and moreover only serves to piss them off. The whole 'quantity versus quality' aphorism.

    Also, public schools already waste a lot of time. If you've been to college, you'd realize how much time is wasted by teachers and public education in general.
  9. school is just a big competition based on irrelevant matter, sure history and some math is good, as well as science and english... but really who needs to know about imaginary numbers and tangents, fuck that. were only taught this because its all part of the race to "teach" our kids as much as possible with the thought that well be smarter than other countries.
  10. True. except all my teachers always zombied out on their computers
  11. yeh i was always the dickhead to answer no on each question in the Tests
  12. +Rep.
  13. Most of the stuff I learned in school, I did not use in college. But maybe because I'm in the electronic science field. I did have to relearn math but that was about it..

    It's not the teachers, it's the students. They need to want to learn, not forced.

    History should be something every kid wants to learn. Why wouldn't you want to learn how this country was founded and about our forefathers.

    English is cruicial to learn in highschool also. But if you are going to college, most likely you will have to take some english courses anyhow, I did.

    Basic math, such as algebra should be learned and some geometry. I say suck it up because school is the best years of your life. Because once you are done with school, you're basically on your own, and the real world is hard to adapt to, especially uneducated.. It makes us Americans seem dumb founded to want to learn.
  14. The school system should be voluntary after a certain point & probably privatized IMO, but that's neither here nor there.

    What the fuck? So our kids are already in school more hours yearly than higher-performing schoolchildren elsewhere, and the solution is to keep them in school even longer? Why not more efficient uses of time? How about teaching useful skills to our kids instead of making them memorize useless minutia then making them regurgitate said minutia onto the tests?

    There are just way too many problems with the public school system to even begin to mention here - but one thing I'd like to see is more money being spent on Advanced Placement programs. I had AP English my junior and senior years of high school and it really helped me get a leg up on the competition, so to speak; once I went to college.
    There was no money in the budget for the AP program, so we all had to pay individually for our tests at the end of the year and we had to pay for our own books - I had to buy my own copies of The Catcher in The Rye, Their Eyes Were Watching God, and In Cold Blood amongst others.
    I think it's bullshit that more money is spent on bringing slower-learning kids up to the state's (low) standards than the money that is spent on helping "gifted" kids excel beyond the standards and into college.
  15. fuck that. there is no way i am letting this fucker try to control my life than he already is.

    we cant let this happen
  16. By the way, what do you mean? This should not affect your life unless you are still in school (under 18?)
  17. more brainwashing.. homeschooling time?
  18. someone just told on demselfs!

    anyways, so whats a good privatized plan look like? Im interested how a privitized school would work beter then a publicly funded school.
  19. Why don't you do some research if you're so interested?

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