Obama publicly states we is less dangerous than alcohol.

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  1. Yes we is!
  2. he's a politician ...this is er ....political ...go think, nuth'in we don't already know ! 
    This is actually NEW news! thank you for this post.
    Times are really changing thank you for posting this ! 
    (Of course you always have these party pooper type personality's that anything you post they gonna say " Big Deal Yada yada" . all I can figure is there life must be miserable to walk around complaining and looking at the worst side of 90% of everything *hint hint*) 
    whoever is writing these scripts for obama is a master craftsman.. way to go kid; theres no better way to walk both lines of the political opinion on weed than that.
  5. Its one think to be a perpetual pessimist and another entirely to be skeptical of anything politicians say.

    Im a positive person in general, but whenever a politician speaks I tend to say "Ill believe you when I see the proof"

    In this case what he said is true, but hes proven he is not an ally to the movement
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    true . he is very confusing because he says one thing here and another a year later when asked the same question . im not knocking Obama , I voted for him . No way could I have voted for the other snake no way in h3ll you couldn't have drugged me with roofies and held me up like weekend at bernies to get me to vote for Romney no . I couldn't have lived with myself .
    He's a lying politician piece of shit. Fuck him. He'll say anything. And Romney and Bush and probably 90% of the rest of American political stuffed shirt asswipes are in the same boat. They all can suck a big dick.
  8. obama can pardon every person arrested for cannabis use or selling but he wont. until he does that, everything coming out of his mouth on this issue can be safely ignored
    he did the same exact thing with gay marriage too, he evolves right after public opinion does. he is not a real liberal in any way. just another piece of corporation property in DC. i dont get obama. he had a chance to change things and he just continues all of bush's policies
  9. Yet his government still arrests pot smokers
  10. Words are great and all, but how about some real actions and initiatives. 
  11. think he'll pardon the non violent weed smokers currently in prison?
    no and what worries me more than Obama is the next president . who will it be and how will he look at it .
  13. seriously what's the point of voting..its just going to be more of the same and its already rigged so let them pick their clown themselves
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    Jesse Ventura/Howard Stern 2016 baby
    No political party.
    Abolish political parties and make them political action committees knowmsayin.
  15. The end of that article made me want to vomit. 
    You mean how will SHE look at it.
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    Loose acknowledgement of the injustices committed against many through denouncing propaganda. This is a step forward.
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    The levels of foolishness on display in this thread have been heretofore unseen on these forums. Cut the fuchery folks. This is about as pro-pot as a president can be without the MSM calling him a gaydrugdealingsatanistpedophilelunaticscaryblackman. We should take what we can get and continue to use the initiative process to legalize in as many locales as possible. Baby steps.

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