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  1. Which side are you on? Can you make up your mind? :D

    Obama Pardons: President Issues 5 Pardons, 1 Prison Commutation

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    Finally,,he does something for marijuana users,,now if he would just end people getting sentenced in the first place.

    Also noticed that all the pardons on marijuana are after the people should have already finished their sentences.
  3. Obviously his advisers told him he's pissed off the cannabis community.

    It's pandering until he releases all non-violent drug offenders.
  4. I couldn't help but notice that Marc Emery was not included in these pardons...
  5. What killed me was the one that said the poor bastard was convicted of conspiracy to posses with intent to distribute. These sickos are busting people for thinking about thinking about doing something? What are they the thought police now? He was only thinking about or planning to get the weed in the first place and then they charge him for what he WOULD have done IF he got the weed! Land of the free? Hell, we cant even THINK about going against these tyrants anymore.:mad:
  6. NORML's BIG BOOK - Marijuana Arrests by Administration

    What about the rest of these people:

    There were 853,838 arrests for marijuana law violations in 2010.

    ...and that's only in 2010. As far as actual justice for our cause is concerned, these pardons amount to as much as setting someone on fire and then pissing on them to put it out.

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    These two.

    "Fuck that, we aren't pardoning him. But we'll pardon some random cases that aren't even recent/no one is serving time for, that'll keep them satisfied for now...."

    It's all just a game.

  9. Well if you try looking at it with constructive thoughts it isn't so bad. For one its indirectly saying to pardon all non-violent cannabis offenders. Those people that were pardoned were only sentenced for cannabis. No other crime was committed. (not referring to the gambling case). I just hope the public sees it this way.
  10. I still think it's an absolute joke that possession of any drug in personal amounts equates to jail time

  11. Absolutely! Don't get me wrong, I am definitely happy to hear of any marijuana offender escaping legal repercussions. It's the hypocrisy that pisses me off. This man has admitted to having used and distributed marijuana. He is on public record stating that the War on Drugs is a failure. Now, he pardons marijuana offenders with his executive powers. All the while, the actual War on Drugs, and War on Marijuana in particular, has been indisputably escalated during his administration. It disgusts me.

    Likely, the majority of the public won't see this at all. :mad:

  12. Sorry about that. I frequently post out of frustration and have to go back over what I wrote with the asshole filter enabled. :D
  13. 1,000 pounds...? That doesn't sound like some small time dealer slanging dubs
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    It seems to me that really our president is a federal scape goat ... we get mad at some politician at the very top while the individuals who keep marijuana illegal ( DEA and FDA ) arent even thought of . Each president before the previous just continues to take the heat as the arrest toll climbs higher and higher yet ... each "president" being "worse" than the last .

    Legilation at a federal level must happen and more than just a single president needs to be wrking together in order to create a new ammendment to our constitution similar to the the repeals against alcohol prohibition ... or atleast thats how i think it will need to occur .
  15. They will never release Marc emery from prison. That man is a savior in cutter times.
  16. I agree with you in that Obama is just a scapegoat. I believe he's the #1 whipping boy for Big Pharma.

    What I don't agree with is that legalization must come from the Federal level. Personally, I believe that almost every effort put toward swaying our Federal government is wasted. I believe we have a much greater chance of convincing or electing local politicians, to favor or that favor of legalization.

    Bottom line, it's the local mayors, county council members, sherrifs, etc, that maintain and enforce your local laws. I see a "defacto legalization" mentality rising up from the roots as being significantly more probable. There are counties and townships all over the country passing decrim and de-prioritization laws where marijuana is concerned. This is where we'll have the most impact.
  17. Obama has the power to tell Eric Holder to remove cannabis from schedule 1 of the CSA,,without any approval from congress.

    All he has to say is that there is more than ample proof that cannabis has medical applications.

  18. He does indeed. Boy would that piss off a lot of well established and very powerful interests! Who was the last President who pissed off "The Powers That Be" as thoroughly as Obama would by legalizing marijuana?

    Hint: Today is actually the anniversary of his passing. :eek:

    Regardless, Obama is in the pocket of Pharma. I see no possibility of the word "legalization" making it into his very limited vocabulary. He's paid to read the teleprompter. That's all he's done and that's all he will continue to do.

    That being said, I've never hoped to be wrong about anything so much in my life.
  19. He'd go along way with a lot of people by doing this.

    Just the wrong people to buy him TV commercials.

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