obama opens ideas for change poll again! go vote for legalization

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by zacharykro, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Ideas for Change in America | Change.org

    last year people like you and me registered on change.org to vote that legalization of marijuana is a top priority to americans. it was so succesful that it was the most popular vote and Obama was forced to recognize the strength of our devotion, but there was no law passed allowing recreational use.

    we need to all vote again and show change.org and the media that now is the time we won our rights, we need to have legalization as the most popular idea for change again this year! thanks for your help
  2. I voted and did my part. Keep this thread bumped so other blades may do the same!
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    I voted again and posted it everywhere I know

    Send to everyone you know on FB
  4. my vote has been added. its nice to see that marijuana legalization is in first place in the criminal justice section...
  5. Change.org is not Obama's website. That was a .gov site, but still every poll on the internet is pro-legalization. Basically it is just a waiting game until the younger generations have the majority and can get the change we want.
  6. ^^ This.
  7. Obama couldn't legalise marijuana even if that was his #1 priority. That's not how politics work.
  8. Well I still voted, #150
  9. Voted...we definitely need to make this number 1 on the list.
  10. we definitely have the numbers and determination to make it happen, its just a matter of spreading the word. This needs a sticky.
  11. vote 153! keep'm comin

    its like 20 behind the top priority!!! lets go tell friends
  12. How is this different from another petition on the same site?

  13. I think he'll talk about the main topics in Op's link on wednessday while that one is like an overall petition?(I didnt read it:p)

  14. it was pretty much ignored even though it was the most popular poll, so a new one was made
  15. Voted for all pro-legalization posts.

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