Obama maintains State Secrets Privilege

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  1. Obama Maintains Bush position on Extraordinary Rendition lawsuit

    State Secrets Privilege has been used time and time again by the Federal government to cover up their mistakes, as can be seen in United States v. Reynolds. Under the guise of 'protecting national security', the state receives total immunity from the scrutiny of the law and civilian oversight.
  2. I read an article a few weeks back that mentioned some of the executive orders Obama signed left a lot of loopholes into how these orders are interpreted and implemented. For example, the order to close the secret CIA "black sites" says to do it in a "expeditiously" way without saying what exactly "expeditiously" means or what length of time it represents.

    Another example is the fact that Obama signed an order ending torture, citing the Geneva Convention, but the order has a clause that allows the CIA to set up a study commission to study "additional" techniques, which is odd.

    As far as the rendition program, which was started by Clinton, I did read that there are some minor differences in the current rendition program when compared to Bush's but essentially allows it to serve the same purpose.
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    We have been doing this for years, whats new?

  4. Nothing... apparently. :confused_2:

  5. I was reading somewhere that whenever Obama held a speech during his campaign they would try to photoshop signs that said "investigate 9/11" and sayings along those lines to the generic Obama change poster. I'll try finding the link. They showed how countless signs in campaign pictures showed signs of being photoshopped.

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