Obama is doing an AMA on Reddit

Discussion in 'Politics' started by xmaspoo, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. reddit.com/askobama

    Lot of traffic on the site now, just bare with it.

    Lets upvote any and all questions pertaining to:

    1. NDAA
    2. Bradley Manning
    3. Patriot Act
    4. War on Drugs
    5. Bailouts
    6. Federal Reserve
    7. Prosecuting Jon Corzine

    Nothing like ruining a good campaign stunt. ;)
  2. ROFL fuck yeah. While your at it subscribe to Gary Johnson and reddit.com/r/libertarian
  3. I haven't been on this site in so long. The reason I'm here is because the AMA crashed reddit and I'm beginning to lose my mind.

    Damn you Obama.
  4. The AMA was horrible. Only like 6 questions. Nothing about drugs or gas prices or energy. Bullshit politician answers. ZzZz
  5. That was such a worthless AMA. Typical Obama, dodge the important questions that Americans have.
  6. I think the only real question I cared about that he responded to was the one with the guy that just became a lawyer and how terrible the job market was etc.

    Wasn't even a really good answer too. Good thing he answered all those other questions though. Seems he's really pushing for popularity more than anything else. Will these elections always be like when you were in highschool?
  7. Never seen someone try so hard and so little at the same time.
  8. why am i not surprised that he answered the B.S. questions hahah

  9. [​IMG]
  10. ehh give him a break, he said hed be answering questions for a half hour, the fucking site was crashing and there fucking twelve thousand comments in about an hour. No shit he answered 9 of them briefly. At least we know he loves the bulls and Michael Jordan. I didn't think he was gonna expose some deep blacklisted facts to redditors. How hilarious is it that he knew about the Obama Not Bad memes.
  11. Of course he knows about the not bad memes, his PR people would have been all over that, assuming they weren't the ones that spawned that meme in the first place.

    Don't forget in 2008 obamas campaign won awards for its advertising/marketing. The people who are marketing this man are in touch with how to reach people effectively. Internet plays a huge roll, and having a meme recognized by all of reddit is a pretty strong marketing advantage.
  12. You sir are definitely more easily pleased with politicians than I am. I'm surprised such a thing even came up amidst the wars (drugs and terror), economic crisis, Government subterfuge, Wikileaks persecution, Bradley Manning torture, nuclear armament developments, his birthplace, his stance on the Fed and the upcoming Republican nomination.

    But I guess some Americans (well most really) are more concerned with who he likes in basketball and dumb memes.

    Edit: Also the mandate for health insurance which is unconstitutional.
  13. Anybody actually surprised?
  14. [​IMG]

    R88SHUN comments on President Obama's Reddit AMA Was About As Genuine As A Pop-up Ad


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