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Obama is a traitor,,unamerican,,and a disgrace to his office,,

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chicken, Apr 24, 2009.


    and you drop our prisoner playbook in the hands of our enemies,,by making public,our techniques for gaining information...{ torture} what we do to our enemies aint torture,,,it's a joke to compare what we do, to that word,

    torture is what the viet-cong did in the late 60's,,

    NICHOLOUS BERG. getting his head sawed off slowly was torture,,'' and he was not even a military person.''.

    we have a on-going plan concerning '' CHEMICAL,'' weapons,,;; we wont use them unless our enemies do first;;

    .. why should that not also be applied to the way we gain info. after mr.berg's head hit the floor,,, all bet's should have been off,,,we should have taken our gloves off,,

    when we cut down our 2 servicemen that were hung from a bridge in IRAQ ,, and- on -and- on,,e.t.c.

    our enemy has given us every reason to use any tactic we choose,,,

    and you...and your administration.. just openly make our techniques public?

    our soldiers have found manuals,, in IRAQ, informing al-quida what to expect from the americans if captured,,, well i guess they can add a few pages to that manual thanks to you,,

    ..our enemies are laughing at us,,for the way we conduct a military operation..

    soldiers kill a taliban soldier .. and then they may have to face a court-martial? WHAT KIND OF SHIT IS THAT?

    ..mr. obama,,, if your admin. is scared to fight a war ,,then maybe we do need to cease this military operation,,,because you are doing nothing but empowering the enemy with propaganda,, that they can use to recruit more al-quida members with..

    ..yet you turn a blind eye to pakistan...do you realize that pakistan is on it's way to being a failed state? and they have nuclear weapons all-ready,,,
    what is your admin. going to do.. when the taliban topples the gov. there,,,?

    ..releasing these document's,,, was your way of making the bush admin. look bad,,,which is what is the dems. hidden agenda,

    but really it's making our country as a whole look weak... and empowering our enemies,,,

    as i stated in another thread you need to borrow someones balls,, i offered you mine at one time,,,

    your a embarrasment to me...and it would take a lifetime,,, but i'd like to BITCH-SLAP every person that voted for your change,,,

    we need a man that has kahoonas like teddy roosevelt running our country,,, not a whiny whimp who is more worried about his poll numbers ,, than he's worried about doing the job at hand,,,

    ..your first 100 days,,are a total disaster,:(

  2. How's that vein in your forehead feeling, mister c?

    Please get Dick Cheney to give this man some mouth to mouth commiseration.

    I love the guy, what can I say, there's nothing funnier than watching right wingers try to be creative when they write.

    The Right wing can't write.

    It's going to be a long 7 2/3 years dude...I still recommend a nice massage, and some hot wings...:D
  3. What is the purpose of your threads, chicken? It's not like Obama is reading them...

    and I think we have enough "Fuck Obama" threads out there. Just saying...


  4. yes ive just about had enough... of america,, being run by a bunch of left-wing whining whimps,,,

    and these next few years are going to give me a stroke,:devious:

  5. hopefully someone will be enlightened,,,

    i mean who else am i going to address it to?;)
  6. The WHITE house?????
  7. Absolutely! I mean, we know what torture is...We prosecuted Japanese for torture, we would never do what we know for a fact is illegal....Oh, wait....:rolleyes:

    Tired of the country being run by left wing??? It's been less than 100 days, after a very very long run of being run by right wingnuts...Enjoy the next 7 years. :D
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    Im sorry, but you are a dumbass. Would you rather have a president who lies to their country. Why wouldn't you want to know the truth. You like being lied to? I think the government lies to us enough it is about time they start telling us some truths. We shouldn't be in the god damned war in the first place.

    Probably going to negative repped for this since everybody knows Chicken and people always stick up for the higher rep people just so they can get some rep themselves.. but this is my opinion.

    Name-calling doesn't float here. Please refrain from it in the future. *RMJL

  9. some truths are better not known to the general public...

    it could be a threat to national security...

    ..im sure the info. they gained saved a lot of american lives...

    ..but to share it with you... is also to share it with our enemy,,,:cool:
  10. Yeah I suppose there is a truth there, but still. I don't think Obama is a traitor or unamerican for doing what he did. I mean, he is doing what he thinks is right even if its not exactly the perfect thing to do. I dont know, I just think he's doing a hell of a lot better than Bush, the oil tycoon.
  11. God, I'm sick of people making these judgements about Obama... Give him time! He's only been in office less than 100 days...

  12. How is Obama a traitor?

    Republicans and the whole "unamerican" thing.. come on chicken.

    A traitor to me is someone who gives out the identity of an American spy, or something like that...

  13. What about a US congresswoman in cahoots with Israeli spies?
  14. Obama is a fuckin puppet. Only 3 1/2 more years. Mark my words, he will NOT have a 2nd term.
  15. #15 AK Infinity, Apr 24, 2009
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    How do you expect people to take you or an other Republican seriously when you keep making threads like this using over top the language? We get you don't like Obama, now go lock yourself away in a bunker for the next seven years.
  16. #16 nfs924, Apr 24, 2009
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    How is chicken a Republican? Please explain this to me.

    I'm always intrigued by what people actually believe a Republican is.

    Also, it's nice to see that you generalize an entire political party based of one persons opinion.

    That very generalization is what got people into thinking Bush and Reagan are Republican; despite them being pretty much the opposite.

    Just because someone claims to belong to a certain political party, doesn't mean their views are synonymous with the views of that political party.

    This goes for the "democrats" as well.
  17. Supposedly, Bush and Reagan were elected by people calling themselves Republicans.

    The Republican party is a dirty hooker that has contracted so many politically transmitted ideologies over its lifetime, from Lincoln Authoritarianism, to Taftian Non-Interventionism, then back to War mongering, then it became a Christian conservative thing, then it just became a Christian Neocon thing.... the Republican party is a slut and we (true conservatives) should abandon it, IMO.
  18. I find it funny that the Dems are so confident that he'll have a second term. I also find it funny how when the right wingers attack the Obama, the left wingers go "OHHHHHHHHHHH BUT IT HASN'T EVEN BEEN 100 DAYS YET GIVE IT TIME!" Yeah, it hasn't been 100 days but yet you're still confident that he will be elected again? Get real.
  19. I never said he would have a second term. It is obviously way to early to tell. We will see in a couple years how he's doing. Don't get me wrong, he could just fuck the economy and everything up worse, but I don't think so. I think he is doing everything in his power to TRY to get this country running again.
  20. We must have awfully dim executive branch then. ;)

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