Obama heckled by occupy protesters

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by sixxis50, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. What does that have to do with General Marijuana News from around the World?:confused:

    Oh, and one more thing *OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA!*:laughing::D
  2. His name would sound better if it was like -Oh-BAM!-uh-
  3. It's more like Oh-Bomb-Uh
  4. Oh-Bitch-ma :rolleyes:
  5. Either way, it's clearly in the wrong section.
  6. At least he didn't get a shoe thrown at him.
  7. How could this possibly be in the wrong section? Please explain yourself.

    The legalization movement and the occupy movement are both about the goverment and the corporations alliance to control people and the flow of money out of the middle and lower class people.

    The war on drugs is a class war!

    And when Obama tells the people that he's listening we know he's lying! He clearly doesn't care about the people and thats what I was pointing out.

    Just look at our situation. Within the last two weeks, we the "counter culture" were lied to with the White Houses response from our petition.
  8. Okay dokie, it's in the right section, whatever you say.:hide::laughing:
  9. more like obombya
  10. Two of 'em.

  11. The occupy wallstreets message isn't the end of prohibition or legalization of cannabis. While I understand your reasoning of relating the two and indirectly you could but its not even part of the topic. There is a politics section though.
  12. Wake up people!

    I'm pointing out that Obama doesn't listen to the people! I don't give a dam about politics. I give a dam about right and wrong!

  13. We were just pointing out you posted in the wrong section. We are very aware of Obama not listening to us just like all the other presidents and politicians we've had.
  14. Then whats with that? Does it matter? Maybe you should jump onboard instead of being worried about sematics like were something gets posted.

    We all need to work together to get our freedomS. Yes plural! We have more than just our right to smoke weed at stake. Everyday there are inocent people being harrased, pepper sprayed, and arrested for weed, and letting there voices heard.

    If corporations were not incharge then weed would have already been legalized!

  15. Why don't you take that up with the ones who organized the site? Its very easily broken down into sections and I don't know what is so wrong with trying to keep things organized. Then people are able to go into which ever section they want to read about instead of reading about some llama getting buttfucked by a zebra in the Vatican section? Naw mean?

  16. this guy or gal here^^^^is nothing but the truth, President Obama is the best president ive ever seen, he knows money runs washington and he's going to change alot of stuff before and after the start of his second term, America now knows slowly but fastly whats been going on, Obama deserves more credit than he's given, stay stoned keep green and keep ur mouth shut and ur trap open my GC family :cool:
  17. He might be the best president in bizzaro world, but in the real world he has failed miserably . And thats putting it lightly.

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