Obama Haters: Racist?

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  1. It seems that here on gc it'd be safe to say that about 90% of the people who post in politics either hate obama, think he's fascist, a commie, the worst president we've ever had, and so on.

    Plenty of people also hold the notion that "he's not doing shit"

    So, i just gotta ask the question: whats the deal? Do you all just wanna see a black man fail? People are getting seriously fired up about him, it's like everybody forgot how horrible george bush was.

    So, obama haters, do you think race has any bearing at all on your political stance?

    I hope no one takes offense in this, but i just feel like had it been clinton trying to do all these things it wouldnt be such a big thing
  2. I think the level of discourse has just dropped to such a low level there's no use in having any sort of legitimate discussion at all. Neither side of the argument wants to consider or acknowledge the others' evidence because no one's sources can apparently be trusted anymore. On top of that, you have people who don't even spend the time to form their own opinions, they just read things and take it as fact. I honestly think the widespread access to the Internet is to blame. When every nut can post their opinion on a blog, no one stops to consider that maybe the author isn't adhering as closely to journalistic standards and ethics as someone writing for the New York Times might. Then people eat it up because it's exactly what they want to hear.
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    So your implying that most of us who criticizes Obama on here are racist, but you don't want us to take offense to that?

    I'm a white hispanic kid who grew up in NYC. Most of my classmates have been every color under the fucken sun as I went to public school in low income areas. I found when I went to private school, there were more white people (in culture and skin color) but I tended to chill with and odd assortment of blacks, hispanics, Philippinos, Guyanese, and white kids. I've worked retail, food industry, and IT jobs with very diverse groups of colleagues. I haven't once even had any sort of sexual or romantic encounter with a fully white girl. I gotten half black half white, half asian half white, but not quite fully white. I listen to rap... I mean really do I need to keep going on. Yeah, I must be racist because I look past the skin color of a president and judge him based on his character and policies. :rolleyes:

    BTW, bush sucked too, and so do most other politicians.

    The mainstream and official venues have been found to not adhere to journalistic standards and ethics closely at all. Unless by journalism, you mean subtle and less obvious forms of yellow journalism, and by ethics you mean disinformation and heavy redaction.
  4. I don't judge our government's politics on the basis of our president's perceived character. After all, the president is just a figurehead for powerful interests... it has become increasingly obvious that both political parties continue to implement the same policies. Hell, you would think that if Republicrats really disagreed with each other the administration in power would be repealing at least some of the legislation set in place by the one before it, but instead they just steam roll through with more draconian legislation.

    Obama is just a face. Since he doesn't control anything it would be silly for me to blame him for anything other than being complicit.
  5. Exactly what I'm talking about.

    Are they perfect? No. But when you realize they're what the overwhelming majority of the country/world pays attention to you'll be better off. Believe your own sources if you want, but pretty much everyone else is marching to a different drum.

    I mean, the front page of the NYT isn't going to be about Obama's science advisor recommending poisoning the water to make us sterile. Their credibility would be destroyed. They report news, not idle speculation.
  6. I think you absolutely hit the nail on the head.

    I read a story sometime back about an idea called "The Daily Me" (found an editorial here: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/19/opinion/19kristof.html).

    The gist of it is that we all just go online and read news sources that agree with what we already tend to think. We don't see the opposing side, and so we assume that we must be correct, and are shocked when others don't agree with us - we only hear what we want to hear, because we are the ones deciding which webpages we go to.
  7. Just because the majority listens to the corporate news media doesn't mean that what they're saying is right.
  8. They're among the most authoritative news sources out there

    Give me a source that's more trusted than the New York Times or CNN. You don't have to blindly accept everything they tell you, you are free to draw your own conclusions. If you're seriously trying to convince people that the NYT is on the same level as Prison Planet or WorldNetDaily, you're completely wrong.

    This all goes back to my original post in this thread. If a source is saying something a person doesn't like, they just attack the source out of hand.
  9. Confirmation bias - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A lot of this goes on in here.
  10. Again, you're only appealing to the bandwagon. MSM get's most of it's stories from Reuters and AP, both of which companies have an agenda and therefore don't post the news you aren't supposed to see.

    Have you even visited the Infowars.com (PrisonPlanet archives) archives? It's all from mainstream sources.
  11. Like what
  12. Like every freaking article in the Infowars archives... go ahead, take a peak at the Big Brother or Police State sections. And don't wet your pants.
  13. I'm saying that people should keep in mind the corporate interests of these news outlets. I'm not saying trust Prison Planet over the NYT, but just keep in mind that NYT and CNN are biased.
  14. Nothing wrong with that really, but you can back up almost any claim with the internet.
  15. You seem ot have a misguided notion that your reason for hating Bush are all legitimate, while everyone grievances against Obama are meaningless. People on these forums hated Bush and wanted him to fail. The Democrats set themselv sup the benifit from defeat in Iraq for years. To the point they wouldnt beleive it when progress was being made.

    Stop watching the MSM, mainly MSNBC.
  16. Its true, most of Obamas haters are rasist and the others 1's are just ignorant.
  17. Good point...

    "Mother Jones magazine reports that by the end of 2006, there are only 8 giant media companies dominating the US media [​IMG], from which most people get their news and information:

    • Disney (market value: $72.8 billion)
    • AOL-Time Warner (market value: $90.7 billion)
    • Viacom (market value: $53.9 billion)
    • General Electric (owner of NBC, market value: $390.6 billion)
    • News Corporation (market value: $56.7 billion)
    • Yahoo! (market value: $40.1 billion)
    • Microsoft (market value: $306.8 billion)
    • Google (market value: $154.6 billion)"

    I believe it's down to 6 now. Just the fact that corporations own them at all is distressing.
  18. No, watch everything so that you can cross-reference the bullshit and thereby get a more accurate representation of the truth. :cool:
  19. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

    Yes, I dislike Obama because he's continuing the policies of Bush so I must be either ignorant or a racist.

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