Obama Goes to CNN's Fareed Zakaria for 'Wisdom & Advice'

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  1. Another example of how the anti-Fox crowd and MSM is a bunch of hypocrites. Apparently Fareed Zakaria is good buddies with the president and even gives him advice and "wisdom". Now, imagine someone from Fox News was this way with Bush? INSTANT OUTRAGE!

    Yet, when its done by the left and their media, nothing but crickets.

    Revealed: Obama Calls CNN‘s Fareed Zakaria for 'Wisdom & Advice' | The Blaze

    Meanwhile the usual suspects continue to rage over Fox News, one of the only networks out there that's actually critical of the current government.
  2. I found this hilarious to. Just goes to show that you can be a "respected journalist", as long as you're a shill for the right side. Or should I say the left side?

    Fareed Zakaria and President Obama | Obama and Fareed Zakaria | Video | Mediaite
    What makes him respected? What exactly makes his track record proven? Hes got a proven track record of left wing bias! Oh wait hes brown, a liberal and Muslim. The trifecta of respected journalism.

    Then at the end of the article:

    Notice how its just sort of dismissed as an important issue. If this had been about Bush and Fox I guarantee you the left wingers in the media and on these forums would have a much different opinion.
  3. I don't think there's any bias, well there is but Fox is pro-right MSNBC and CNN are pro left, and both of those organizations combined aren't as popular as Fox so I think the bias is about even in the media
  4. I agree that Fox is the only major MSM network being critical of the current administration which I wish more stations were. I just hope you are aware that the only reason they are critical of them is because the current administration is Dem. and Fox is mainly Rep. I don't really recall Fox being very critical of the Bush admin when they were in power. In fact wasn't Fox beating the war drum for the Bush admin?

    Sadly in todays age all the MSM is just an apparatus for the Gov. to spread propaganda. Its just a question of do you want it spun to the left(CNN, MSNBC) or to the right(Fox).

    The majority of MSM "News" is nothing more then opinions with little to no fact checking.

  5. You don't think there is any bias in journalists having a say in Obama's policies? [​IMG]

    Democrats are in charge of the government and you missed a few stations:

    NPR (which is funded with tax dollars)

    That doesnt even include the print media like The New York Times. Yet, turn on the daily show and its anti-Fox/Republican bullshit every night. Turn on any network and that's what it is. There is NO coverage of Democrats and what they're (not) doing. Its nothing but faux outrage about the fact one network would DARE criticize a black president.
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    They were critical of Bush at Fox, but I agree they carried water for him on many occasions. Which is ok, because every single other outlet for news was sticking to Bush every chance they got. Now its reversed, with most every network acting as the president personal PR. Thats dangerous. I mean, you do see the difference between thee two situations right?

    Bingo, but where do you see all the outrage funneled? Its all Fox hate, all the time. I dot have a problem with Fox hate, but its just not consistent. With Dmeocrats in power, people should be more concerned about all the other networks lying in order to carry water for Democrats. Jon Stewart used to say that he focused on bashing Republicans, "because they're the ones in charge"! Using his own standards, every Daily Show should be Democrat/left wing MSM bashing. Its not! You just don't see it. Those networks get away with almost zero criticism or scrutiny.

    Just look at that retarded O'Reilly thread. Talk about misplaced energy.
  7. Sadly I agree. It is supposed to be the job of the media to be the "watch dogs" but now they have become the "guard dogs" of the Gov.
  8. it would be outrageous because no wisdom exists among fauxnews. its popular like jersey shore is popular but you dont see obama asking pauly d for wisdom.

    of course it's easy to say no other networks criticize the government when you dont watch any other networks.

  9. I watch them all. I run a media watchdog website....

    The other networks spend they're time puffing up Obama's policies and attacking his critics.
  10. Notice the lack of outrage from the typical folks you see in threads like the current O'reilly outrage thread. That's why you just gotta roll your eyes when they pretend like they're carrying out some kind of moral attack on him in defense of factual news. They're fine with the lies and deceit, as long as its done to advance goals they agree with.
  11. idk, i think Stewart may have backed off the Obama pushing a little bit, and some of his stories on the current administration have a sort of mixed message at least...

    He's went on record calling democrats pussies more than once....

    as far as left wing MSM, dude you've been barking up this same tree for quite some time, it pisses EVERYONE off that news media is so biased on BOTH SIDES of the fence... so why do you keep raging against left wing media?

    You should be raging against all the corrupt media... People ignore these threads because they know you're gonna pull them into a partisan trap :/
  12. hmm, another heavily biased news event, and subsequent rantings of those that hate one side, while sucking up to the other (failing to understand, both sides are against US the people) :eek:

    oh well...keep baaAAaa'ing your way to the voting booths....:p
  13. Who do you reckon he should be going to for "Wisdom and Advice" ?
  14. I don't understand what's so hard about free thought.

  15. Right. He goes after them for not being liberal enough or not pushing their policies enough. He goes after Republicans for just the opposite. He takes a position and shills for it under the guise of comedy.

  16. oh you ebil commie socialist terrorist you....free thinking leads to heroin addiction and your babies being born nekked...or something like that..haven't you been paying attention...:p

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