Obama Girl - I Got a Crush on Obama (Video)

Discussion in 'General' started by whitewarrior, Sep 13, 2007.

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  2. im not really into pop music but honestly that sound isn't bad at all, the chorus is really catchy.
  3. that girl has an awesome sense of humor
  4. Yeah I just saw her in the new SEC Playboy issue and I was like damn, now thats what I call support :)
  5. My support for Obama is feeling much firmer after that! If she goes on the campaign trail with that body, I will be her hardest working volunteer.
  6. RON PAUL '08!!!

    That being said, where have you been? This video's been out for a while. I believe it sparked other girls to do songs for guiliani and other candidates.

    I wonder if theres one for Hillary...
  7. dayum that girl makes me want to run for prez
  8. She is hot, but the video sucks and the song is not really that good. In my opinion of course.
  9. I don't give a shit about the song the girl was the only thing I watched haha.
  10. wouldn't vote for ron paul or obama or clinton

    he's a long term shill for republicans and I can bet my sack hair if he won he would follow republican suit and never make weed legal

    obama and his ilk are silly putty bending to whomever has enough push so he's out on proper freedom thinkin' and clinton is a typical asswipe for the democrates

    I say fuck it vote for the random fuck who manages to get past all the bullshit rules to get on the ballot as all the major players have already sold out
  11. aint this shit old as fuck?

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