Obama for Marijuana-McCain Against

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  2. Looks like both candidates will not do jack shit on the issue. Do not spread propaganda by saying Obama is for marijuana; that is just bullshit. Both are clearly against any decriminalization.
  3. They are both against legalization... although Obama has said in the past that decriminalizing small amounts would be a good idea.

    He has said that we need lesser punishments for non-violent criminals (including all drug users) to help ease overpopulation in the prison system. He's also said that we need to start treating drug addiction as a medical problem instead of a criminal one. And he would end the federal raids on marijuana patients in states where it is legal for medical use.

    So all in all, Obama is more pot-friendly than McCain.
  4. Sure I can believe Obama is more pot-friendly. Honestly I don't know if he would sign it into law though. He flip flops easy and public pressure might cause him to veto it.

  5. They are both against legalization, obama is NOT against decriminilization.

    Keep in mind Obama critisized clinton for not inhaling...
  6. A medical MJ user asked Obama if he would get in trouble if he continued to smoke weed in his state where it is legal if prescribed by doctor, Obama replied If you are breaking the law then you should be prosecuted. Obama was talking about the Federal law on weed, this proves that Obama is so wishy-washy on this subject that we might as well not listen to what he is saying because it will be subject to change soon after.
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    Based on his responses in these videos, he is absolutely for medical marijuana and even said that he would end the federal raids.
  8. Please provide a source for this. I've searched for a while now and haven't found anything of the sort... neither in text or on video.
  9. Vote for Barr... The two party system's killing the US. Barr (and libertarians in general) are also on the whole in favor of decriminalization, if that's a major issue for you.
  10. Ha! Barr... :rolleyes:

    Talk about a flip flopper...

    "There is no legitimate use whatsoever for marijuana. This is not medicine. This is bogus witchcraft. It has no place in medicine, no place in pain relief..." - Bob Barr, May 13 2002
  11. What Obama has said in the past and what will happen in the future have shown to be different, I hope if he becomes president that he will do what he says in those videos. We will see.

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    It seems Obama was only for weed, when it helped him when a seat in the senate, it's all politics bro, and Obama is good at it.

    You must not of worked that hard in your search, I googled "Obama not for decriminalization".
  12. Too bad none of those links even mention the federal raids on medical marijuana users, which is was you were originally referring to.

    I didn't ask about his stances on decriminalization in general. I asked specifically about this:
    Again, show me any source where Obama says that he would allow the federal raids on medical marijuana users to continue.

  13. I already posted the video it was in, it's clear you didn't watch the entire video, but also in the links

    It's clear to me that you didn't read the links and are blindly supporting your canidate, that info is in all the links.
  14. pressure from the media, lobbyists, and the general powers that be won't allow either candidate to decrim or legalize weed regardless of where they stand personally.

    Does anyone really think the pharmaceutical lobby and the health care industry will allow this to happen?
  15. I think it is less that and more the public opinion that pot leads to poverty among the older people in America, although legalization of MJ is popular among the younger crowd, when it comed to the older thinking populous the ones that vote more than younger people, it is not popular idea.
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    You don't get it do you?

    Yes, I read your links. And not once did I see the words "medical" or "medicinal". They are clearly talking about recreational use of marijuana. He says he is against legalization... but doesn't address whether or not marijuana should be used for medical purposes in any of those links. These are two entirely different issues we're talking about here. Marijuana is legal in the state of California for medical purposes.. meaning with a prescription from a doctor. However, the federal government takes it into their own hands and raids the patients, doctors, and distributors from time to time.

    Now, one more time... here's exactly what you said that started this whole debate.
    I asked you to provide a source for this, and you still haven't. All of your links discuss legalization of marijuana for recreational use, and don't mention medical marijuana. I showed you several videos of Obama himself saying that he is for medical marijuana and would end the federal raids. One was exactly as you described, except that he had the opposite stance of what you thought. Now either provide a source for the specific incident you are referring to, or stop spreading misinformation.
  17. The Campagn spokesmen for Obama, Tommy Vietor said, which I already quoted before, "If you're convicted of a crime, you should be punished, but that we are sending far too many first-time, non-violent drug users to prison for very long periods of time, and that we should rethink those laws," He blamed confusion over the meaning of decriminalization for the conflicting answers. Obama will not decriminalize weed, he says that if you are convicted of a crime then you should be put in jail.

    The title of one of the links states in big bold letters, "Oops, Obama was for decriminalizing marijuana before he opposed it" and shows a video of him raising his hand with other democrats stating he apposed decriminalization. Another says in big bold letters, "Obama Withdraws Support for Marijuana Decriminalization"

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    See Obama raises his hand, Obama has lied to you bro.
  18. Again.... no mention of medical marijuana or the specific incident you were referring to. I'm not arguing with you any more because you are refusing to tell me where you got the following information:
    Stop spreading lies and making shit up. At least admit that what you said in the above post was not true, and stop trying to change the subject to decriminalization of recreational marijuana use.

  19. LOL at this point in the election Obama has abandoned any radical or new ideas. Hes just the same as any other politician, he no longer supports the marijuana cause because of one reason VOTEs.

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