Obama: Extending Unemployment Benefits Will "Create Jobs Right Now"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ProvidencePlant, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Obama: Extending Unemployment Benefits Will "Help Create Jobs Right Now" | RealClearPolitics

  2. Whatever. At least he is increasing government spending to pockets of the people for more consumer spending...

  3. Yup, because that's exactly what we need to be doing when we are 14 trillion in debt. :rolleyes:
  4. consumer spending builds businesses, though...
    which can later be taxed.
  5. Im starting to think hard work is for suckers...:rolleyes:
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    Taxed later? Sounds like a good plan when we're trying to cut the deficit NOW.

  7. I agree, as much as I'd like to have more money in my pocket.. Is it worth it in the long run? There is no guarantee that any of what he says will actually happen, it's a guesstimation.

    This meager amount of consumer spending is going to be invested in Walmart, Best Buy, and Cars. People aren't smart enough to invest or save money... they'd rather blow it on useless shit or beer.
  8. how bout those bush tax cuts

    I know they created no jobs
  9. Gotta keep his voters happy. :laughing:
  10. Okay, can we get fucking John Smith to run this country?

    Remember the phrase "He who does not work, will not eat.", where the fuck did that phrase go?
  11. I've been unemployed for some time (disabled, but I can get unemployment), and I would welcome some sort of income...but I also know this is not the time nor the way to help the people, much less help the country.:mad:

    I'll pass on accepting that 'assistance' if it comes about. I am tired of being used by DC.:mad:

    <halfassed sarcasm, half real thought>
    ...hmmm...maybe I will take it. Good firearms cost a few bucks, and I still feel shit will hit the fan soon...better to be 'prepared' then be a victim...tough choices to make for me...</halfassed sarcasm, half real thought>
  12. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    - Albert Einstein
  13. yeah..

    he's the campaigner i chief right now.. time for lots of promises and talk..

    has he started in with the hope and change yet?

    "Putting construction workers back to work rebuilding America"

    ^^ how exactly will he make that happen? I love the statements he makes, with no plan to back them up.
  14. AW, it seems that most of his supporters only use bumper sticker slogans and blame everyone but Obama whenever possible. Bring up anything they can't refute and they pull out the classic "and McCain would have been better?"


  15. Because today people can't be bothered to come up with real opinions or thoughts, so they use little tag lines that they can throw on the back of their car in case they forget what their beliefs are.
  16. i was behind a car the other day that had an Obama sticker and a sticker with a peace sign.. on the same car :laughing:

    that's like having a yankees and a red sox sticker on your car..

    there's no way you can like both :laughing:

  17. Ohhhhhhhhhh

    THATS what this thread is about!

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