Obama doesn't think guns make people safe...

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    What is your thought on this bullshit gun control theory?

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  2. First off Obama is not the one pushing gun control/AWB, it was always Feinstein. Second he doesn't decide on federal gun control laws, that power is given to the senate and the house of reps. Third, a shitty meme that looks like was made in photoshop with a very questionable quote hardly represents his theory, or any theory on gun control. You should feel bad for being content with being so lazy thinking that a meme is truth about Obama's views on gun control.
  3. The school Obamas daughters attend has 11 armed guards protecting it.

    I bet almost all congressmen and senators kids attend schools that have armed guards.
  4. I think memes are one of the lowest forms of getting a point across but you really think this is a shitty one with a poor point? Its a clever poke at anti gun nuts that think guns make them less safe. I chuckled at it.

    I like how this meme can be applied to just about any airhead celebrity that speaks out against guns, since they also pay people to protect them with firearms.

    Nobodys taking shitty internet memes and going THIS IS 100%FACT ON THE RECORD NO LIE THIS IS THE TROOTH.
  5. "What is your thought on this bullshit gun control theory?"
    -posts meme as evidence of gun control theory

    Yes i think its a poor point. Obama never said guns make us less safe. I am all for making fun of anti-gunners because they are far more retarded than gun-nuts, but that wasn't presented in this thread. There was no link to an article, no article posted, not even a shitty biased youtube posted. Just a stupid meme that doesn't say shit. I guess i just have a low tolerance for laziness.

    Also you'd be surprised and sad how many people take memes and blogs as serious news.
  6. Just fall in line little sheep. All the news on guns killing people are the govt. scare tactics and if you want to believe otherwise, you have that choice.
  7. Vagueness is the aspie cousin of laziness.
  8. What would you like me to elaborate on? Id me more than happy to. Second time you have claimed myself to be 'lazy', but not showing what aspect you disagree on.. You don't think Obama is behind this shit? You don't think that he is aware of what is going on? Like bush had no idea about 9/11 and how he was so upset that we were attacked? Im just curious to what you want me to fill you in on..

    I was just simply asking what the forum thought about the concept of our guns being taken away to promote 'safety'...
  9. Pretty stupid meme
  10. Uh oh, thats lazy talk...
  11. 1st, pose an actual argument on guncontrol/awb with some source to back it up so we can have a real discussion on it. There isn't anything to disagree on when your not saying anything.

    2nd, Obama is behind what shit. An AWB? That was Dianne Feinstein since the beginning it always has been. Saying you support the ban is not the same thing as drafting and pushing the bill through congress. The fuck does 9/11 have to do with anything? I need a thicker tin foil hat if you are going to bring up 9/11 conspiracy theories in a unrelated way to gun control.

    3rd, and finally the real question. Taking our guns away to promote safety is stupid an ineffectual. The first AWB ban didn't work and neither will this one. The left likes to use incidents like Columbine and the killing of the NY firefighter as further "proof" that assault-weapons need to be regulated and off the streets, but really it just disproving their point about gun control. The ex-con on NY still managed to get his hands on an ar-15 even though ex-cons can't buy guns and i'm pretty sure NY is similar to california in that if you want to own an "assault-rifle" you can only have a ten round magazine with a bullet button. He was able to still get an ar despite it completely being banned for him to buy. Also people seem to forget that Columbine happened under Clintons AWB, yet they managed to kill a bunch of people with 10 round mags.
  12. Obama to push new gun laws, reinstatement of assault weapons ban - UPI.com

    Obama: "I'm going to be putting forward a package and I'm going to be putting my full weight behind it. I'm going to be making an argument to the American people about why this is important and why we have to do everything we can to make sure that something like what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary does not happen again,"
  13. I've been looking but couldn't find what his package includes. Is it the same as Feinsteins, or is just ban high cap mags? Feinsteins makes me rage so hard.

    Assault Weapons - Issues - United States Senator Dianne Feinstein
  14. So the meme is actually pretty clever, since Obama really is getting behind new gun control legislation...

    I think doing things like banning high capacity magazines are just stupid, feel good attempts to seem like we're doing something about it. Anyone with minimal practice can change a mag on an AR-15 in about 3 seconds, it's not gonna stop anybody on a killing spree...
  15. I'm not for the whole legal gun thing......

    However, say if guns are banned, will gun crime temporarily go up or down?
  16. Oh my god. :p

    lol.. Dude. Does outlawing weed make people stop smoking weed?

    People are people.. and they will do as they please.. Regardless. Ya know what I mean?

    Also, the "whole legal gun thing" is a pretty important part of history.... You should probably check it out.
  17. I don't think it is really known how it will go down, as you're not making something available, such as drugs. When drugs become legalized, drug use will spike for a year or two as the initial, "OMG ITS LEGAL SO ITS OKAY!!!" shit runs its course. I'm not sure how it would work when you make something illegal, something that everyone is in some regard able to obtain already.

    Granted, this is assuming it doesn't start a civil war.

    Relax friend, it is a good question. S/he isn't implying that making guns illegal will prevent people from obtaining guns, s/he's asking what will happen in the event that they are made illegal, similar to how we know that when drugs become legalized, an initial spike in use is expected.
  18. I'm totally relaxed :) (that's not an ass hole smiley, either, lol.. it's a genuine one)

    I wasn't implying he was implying anything ;)
  19. Ok, just for shits and giggles, say that IF the sandy hook case actually happened, if every teacher in that school had a gun in their desk, just for this kind of shit to happen, that "killer" would have been stopped way before the alleged 25+ people were killed / inured.. taking guns away from people that would potentially use them in a protective matter wouldn't do anything but give the upper hand on those that obtain them illegally for USUALLY illegal/ malicious acts.

  20. The senate and house of reps don't legally have the power to make gun control laws. Any type of gun control is completly unconstitional

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