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Obama delivers aid to Pakistan villagers

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aaronman, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. Did I say aid? I meant to say 4 AGM-114 Hellfire missiles.

    Which is more offensive to you:

    Muslims building a mosque next to ground zero?
    The US waging an illegal war on a civilian population?
  2. shit...:(

    Chill with the mosque tho, i got no problem wit it
  3. we're so used to the drug war, martial law, the perpetual warring, genocides and mass extermination of the 20th - 21st century, we've been desensitized to the point of only showing empathy when natural disasters occur. hurry to your local alters and fund their lavish lifestyle. the priests, the politicians, the business elite are our true saviors.
  4. In before warmongering right-wing apologists.

    AGM-114 Hellfire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Hellfire's cost ~$68,000 each--multiplied by four = $272,000. Assuming this is an average per drone raid, that's $27,200,000 (per year for Hellfire missiles alone) of taxpayer money contributing to death. How many of these deaths are confirmed terrorist threats, and how many are innocent civilians, I wonder?

    It sure would be nice if none of my tax dollars were directly contributing to the death of innocent civilian lives.

    Not to worry though! This type of behavior will surely be invaluable in discouraging any further hatred toward the U.S. and its citizens!
  5. I don't know if you guys followed the Manning/Wikileaks drama a couple months back, and the subsequent Lamo drama. Basically, Manning (the dude who possibly leaked the War Diaries, unconfirmed, but likely) was talking to a famous hacker/ex-hacker Adrian Lamo, and was depressed and needed to talk to someone about what he saw, looking over intelligence reports. He talked about how in the 'aid packages' we send to countries, most of them contain weapons and munitions, planes, tanks, etc. I realize the thread title was a joke, but the irony, is that it's possibly true and has far-reaching consequences.

  6. Yip..

    US administrations have being arming extremists for decades..

    Just ask Osama and his posse the Taliban where they got their munitions from...;)

    Good ole USA handing out weapons like candy...:D
  7. The nagasaki and hiroshima bombs cost ~ $5 billion each. assuming this is an average per air raid thats $500,000,000,000 (per year for WWII nukes alone) of taxpayers money contributing to death.

    I can extrapolate awesome figures too if i ignore facts and use your "method" :rolleyes:

    The cost of the (current) war is pretty easy to google, you dont have to invent your own figures ;)

    The fact iof the matter is drone raids do happen, but a pilot chooses to fire hellfire missles, and only at targets which are cleared.
    We don't have security clearence to be told what every target is that the US are bombing, but they have thier own inhouse checks, and pilots cant simply fly around shooting shit allday just for funzies - the react on intel. (yes a pilot chose to fire the missles, not an "automated drone")
  8. who is this America you're talking about? the few corrupt politicians and ceo's which back them financially, buying their seat and putting their business agendas through legislature? because if that accounts for all Americans, the stereotypes must be true.

  9. Read my post.

    US administrations.
  10. War is peace. Oh, and we need not worry about blowback: that's just some crazy-tinfoil-hat-wearing-nutjob-idea.
  11. ...and the war machine keeps turnin.
  12. But don't you feel great about contributing to the peace effort? Pay taxes, preserve peace. :rolleyes:
  13. ... but that's not how much the bomb's cost. And they only dropped 2, ever..

    $500,000,000,000... Wait, what?

    Facts are, we do well over 50 attacks in Pakistan per year, and over 200 attacks in Afghanistan per year.

    If that's the case, then his estimate was pretty low. :confused_2:

    Some sources say we killed over 700 civilians in 2009. That's only in Pakistan.

    The collateral damage on these things is the real national security risk, not Al Qaeda.
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    True. I was merely using the figures provided by that article and the price per unit which the wiki page provides.

    4 Hellfire missiles per raid x 100 raids (in Pakistan alone?) at a value of $68,000 per missile.

    In any case Joe's post made no sense to me either, lol.

  15. Osama bin ladan was asked if he received help from the United States, and he denied it.
    This is part of an interview with Bin Laden in the 1990's

  16. Shade already debunked this...


  17. Both are offensive. Both are stupid. Both should stop. :wave:
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    This is not "debunking", there is no evidence presented that this claim is true. Bin laden's "cause" may have been helped, but he claims that he and his group never received arms from the United States. He's a despicable, murderous maniac - but I think he's telling the truth in this case.
  19. That is definitely evidence, care to prove it wrong...

    Just because someone says that they weren't helped by something doesn't make it true, or is bin laden incapable of lying?
  20. Is Shade incapable of lying?

    e: Not saying that Shade is lying, but Garrison is correct in saying that Shade did not present evidence (sources) to back up the claims. By your logic, Shade could also be lying.

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