Obama caught on hot mic, asks for "more space for missile defense"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tripace, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. He also said "I will be more flexible after my election"

    Ie, to me that means "I can do wuteva i want when the elections are ovah"
  2. Yeah, caught that part too.

    But I was wondering about the space on missile defense part. Why was that supposed to be so secretive? It's kinda stupid on the whole, America has this ballistic missile defense system, in case another country launches large scale missiles, which could be carying a nuclear payload, so it will shoot these missiles out of the sky before they have the potential to hit a target. And Russia is asking us to pledge not to shoot their large missiles out of the sky if they were launched at us??? WTF kind of agreement is that?:confused: is that their way of saying they intend to launch missiles at us?:eek:

    If Obama gave a shit about us he would have said "you can tell Putin to go fuck himself".
  3. Yeah he said he'd have more flexibility after the election... But so what? That's true and everybody already knows it o_O. It's not like he said anything that was really a secret or that people weren't supposed to know. I'm not at all bothered by him saying that. He probably says it a lot, and most other people in the same situation would do the same. All it really says is that he's confident in reelection.

    What I'm more concerned about is the actual discussion between the two about missile defense. Why are we even having that talk with Russia?
  4. Just goes to show; hell, I'll act like a good boy before my elections to grub up as many gullible people as I can, once I'm elected..back on the grind

  5. that system is very limited if we were lucky it would shoot down a dozen or so ICBMs. Russia has hundreds. IMHO Missile defense is one of the few legitimate military programs we should fund. Why? Because its defensive in nature and if we had a successful system then it would eliminate so many Neocon arguments. We should eliminate our offensive imperial forces and just focus on defensive systems like Missile defense.
  6. this whole thing just sucks. the entire election is clearly rigged through all the evidence out there. Obama talks as if there is no election, he already has it in the bag and just waiting for the shit to get over with so he can go back to his plans of world domination lmao. fuck this whole game.
  7. I hate the 2 term limit. It wasn't in te constitution so there was reason for no limits.
    With a two term limit, you have Bush's 2nd term and the possible Obama 2nd term.

    It is not good when a president isn't running for reelection.

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