Obama Bypasses Congress and gives $1.5B to Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt)

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  1. Obama Bypasses Congress, Gives $1.5 Billion to Muslim Brotherhood

    Something fishy is going on in Egypt.. Between this, the reports of CIA helping the uprising against Mubarak and now Obama determined to fund their en devours... Keep a close eye.
  2. we need to lynch mob obama.
  3. id rather lynch mob congress
  4. Congress must not be aware of what is going on in Israel/Palestine...:rolleyes:
  5. Koni in Libya, now this...oh yea, now that we've secured such a large presence in the middle-east, we're going to continue expanding that while spreading the regime to africa. Awesome.

  6. Ya and south america next Venezuela has some oil too. Why not expand The American Empire even more. Of course after we go to Uganda suck up their oil reserves and plutonium deposits then we are gonna have to find someone else who is threatening uprooting our dollar by switching to a different currency.


  7. Weve been giving egypt more money than anyone besides Israel for like 30 years now. How is it suprising?
  8. Before you know it Kony will be making his way to the middle eastern countries. Of course we'll have to invade to stop him :cool:
  9. [​IMG]

    big money big money

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    Oh c'mon guys, what's the big deal? Don't you know that money grows on trees? Literally, well, that and cotton plants. But you get my point, it's just paper, it's not like we're giving away something of value, like gold!;)

    Go Obama, give away all the worthless fed reserve toilet paper you want! It's okay, they'll just print more, no big deal!:rolleyes:

    Oh, and, BTW Obama, if you really see this, would you mind sharing about a cool million or so of that worthless fed reserve toilet paper with me? See, I'm all out of my Charmin... :laughing:
  11. In this crazy world, being $16 trillion dollars in debt means you're rich :laughing:
  12. sounding a little prejucidiced in here. Anyone wanna explain why we cant hook up our muslim brothers?
  13. we're buying them off of being an ass to israel. we did it with mubarak too
  14. because sharia law and all that.

    im not prejudiced at all, but the egyptian uprising wasn't from college aged students looking for a more democratic regime, strings were pulled from the start, it was an effort (albeit successful) to make egypt a muslim nation under sharia law.

    sucks man

  15. Muslim Brotherhood is not a good organization. Do a little research on them back in the 60s-70s. They helped radicalize Islam. They killed the guy who was in power before Mubarak because he signed a peace treaty with Israel. Any group that is pro Sharia law is anti freedom.

  16. History of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Brotherhood is a product of imperialism. A reaction to the actions of the British.
    The West sowed the seeds and we now have to deal with the consequences..
  17. Once again obama is just doing what any president has been doing since the camp david accords. We are paying egypt not to be overly hostile towards israel, just as we have been for 30 plus years.
  18. And people tell me this guy isn't Muslim. LOL.


  19. [​IMG]

    Muslims can't eat hotdogs (sausage(pig))

    glad we cleared that up
  20. They're awaiting the tall dudes.

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