Obama = Bush 2.0

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    Obama has now officially shown everyone his ineptitude to run a nation, especially one like the United States. He is the second coming of Dubya. Case in point:
    \n"Americans are realizing that, when it comes to matters of national security, President Obama appears to be embodying precisely what they had originally rejected in President Bush. Sure, there have been drone strikes, but those have been shrugged off by the populace as a faceless and necessary element in a faraway land. And anyway, Obama's drawn down in Iraq and Afghanistan, which is precisely what they expected and desired.
    \nHowever, domestically, America is suddenly realizing that this is not what they signed up for. In 2007, Obama said this, in making a distinction between his future leadership and President Bush's reign:
    \n'That means no more illegal wiretapping of American citizens. No more national security letters to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime. No more tracking citizens who do nothing but protest a misguided war. No more ignoring the law when it is inconvenient.'"
    \nThe video with Obama's lies:

  2. I actually see him as far worse than Bush ever was.
    Mind explaining why?
  4. That's a stretch. How can be "far worse" when he's been basically just continuing Bush's policies? I'm not justifying anything, he's definitely just as bad as Bush, but that's about it, not worse or better imo. Bush 2.0 is a very accurate description of Obama.
  5. Each president is worse (has more authority) than the previous one.
    President "X" does something arguably outside the law, but most people aren't paying attention so he gets away with it. The next president assumes that power and adds a few of his own.
    So after a few dozen presidents we have what we have today: an imperial president. A king. A man that rules by decree.
    Everything the founders resented.
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    When he acknowledges Bush policies as being bad, and then continues doing them, that makes him worse. It's like the closet homos that fight against gay rights. 
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    Did people actually believe this guy when he was first campaigning? I was like 15 when I first heard him making speeches, and I could see right through him then and there. Change? Nigga do you care to elaborate? Or you just gonna throw out the word knowing that people are going to have a positive reception towards it..

    Damn that was a frustrating time for me... Got scorned by damn near everyone whom I told he was a phony.

    I remember my eco-nut English teacher making us listen to Obama speeches and analyze them... She was all about saving the environment and going "green", yet she opposed any kind of marijuana use for medicinal purposes... Wtf? Man, that ignorant bitch hated me...
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    That's hypocrisy, and while it's detestable it doesn't make things worse.
    Honestly as far as I'm concerned, while I'm upset all the same, I'm a little more upset at the man who started the policies than the man who continues them, not much more, but slightly.
    Can we lower that number slightly? Like 1.2 or something? I feel like Bush 2.0 sounds like too much of an improvement, ya know?
  9. Where is the anti=war left? They should be outraged.
    It's one of the few things I liked about Republicans, they're always war hawks. The left is only anti-war while the other party is in power.
  11. Dubya was actually Bush 2.0, so Obombya is more like Bush 3.0. But yeah, W. laid the groundwork, he started making the Bill of Rights null and void, then when Obama came along, he just took this to the next level. At least W. had lines even he didn't cross. When it came to the "American Taliban", John Walker Lindh, at least W. had the decency to catch him and bring him home to stand trial. Obama just said "fuck a trial.", and he wiped his arse with the 5th, 6th and 7th ammendments all at once when he decided he could just assassinate an American citizen with a drone whenever the hell he wants.
  12. This also applies to both of them. Bush talked about his own policies as being bad also, before he enacted them himself of course. Every politician does that for the most part. You're basically saying Obama is worse because he's a liar, as if Bush wasn't.

    In any case I disregard rhetoric completely when evaluating politicians. I'm only concerned with action, and there is very little difference between Obama and Bush as far their actions are concerned.
  13. And on a related note: 
    True, but I feel like Dubya was actually stupid, where it seems like Obama is playing the part. When Bush said "I didn't know", it seems like he actually didn't know but was dumb enough to go along with it. It seemed like Cheney was at the reigns back then. Obama seems more deceitful. Just my opinion though.
  15. Again I think they're the same in this regard. Both are just puppets to me. The ideologues behind both of their Presidencies have been behind the scenes, and are the same people. The intellectuals who formulate and dispense the neocon philosophy are the true psychos imo, Obama and Bush are/were puppets of the neoconservatives in power and around those in power. Bush started this rise of the neocons, and Obama has supported it, although the neocons weren't too happy about Obama's appointment of Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary.
  16. To this day, I'm still like:

    When it comes to Dubya. Do you guys think he was really that dumb, or did he play off of his ignorance? I have a hard time believing somebody could be that dumb in a position of power, but hell, it wouldn't surprise me. He was pretty much gonna be president regardless
  17. Two pointless things that don't pay to discuss with other people are politics and religion. You aren't going to change any opinions...
  18. And the next president will be even worse
    I'm gonna plagiarize what Fizzly said and add his outrageous spending, Obamacare, Michelle Antoinette's vacations, blatant lies and hypocrisy. The money that he has blown is staggering even compared to Bush. The tax dollars that he and his family have blown on themselves is more than any other president in a time when he sequesters services just to name a few.
  20. Get the fuck out of here with that. Why  even have the politics and religion sections to begin with?

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