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  1. Well, it's official. Thoughts? Also, I love how he said his supporters would be the first to know, yet he still hasn't sent out the news via text message as he said he would as of now...
  2. Obama is turning into the black JFK, Biden is a carbon copy of Lyndon Johnson...
  3. Well I got the text at 3 am last night not sure if it was announced on CNN before that or whatever...maybe your text just didn't come through.

    I don't know a whole lot about Biden.
  4. I checked out Biden's wikipedia page and he seems to be a pretty reasonable guy. I just don't understand why Obama didn't select Clinton? I mean, sure there's some bitterness between them, but that's a ticket to victory! Not only does Clinton have a shit-ton of experience, but all those women voters would be sure to vote for that ticket. I keep seeing what I perceive as mistakes like this and get worried that the Obama camp is gonna fuck it up and lose this thing...
  5. As i said i like Biden but I think Obama made a major gaff picking him for VP.
  6. Biden will clench his fist and speak up when he feels he needs to. Just watch.

    An excellent pick on Obama's part, as much as Obama has been known to irk me.

    His speaking talents offered below:

  7. Let's just hope he doesn't go H. Dean on us and go heeyaaah!;)
  8. Howard Dean is a pussy and a pushover.

    Biden has brass balls.
  9. So I just watched Biden and Obama's speech in Illinois and I'm beginning to understand why Biden was a better choice. Biden can appeal to a much wider audience than Clinton can, at least in the sense that Biden taps into people that Obama can't. Clinton would probably just cover a lot of ground Obama's been over.
  10. Biden is a solid choice. Let there be no doubt he is the single best all around choice for dems. Negatives are low, he is the poorest member of the senate as well as one of the most respected. Despite his extensive experience, he remains somewhat of an outsider because he lives in Delaware and not DC, and is truly a common man.

    My one complaint is that at times i wish it were Bayh because he seals the election. Period. IA + NM +IN = WIN . But at the same time I do not feel he would make an effective attack dog like Biden certainly will. And that is why he lost.

    Biden will be able to go into the rural areas of PA, OH and WV and say, "You may have reservations because BO is Black, but I have seen otherwise" and get away with it because he is loudmouthed Joe Biden.

    Not to mention the national security creds.
  11. Biden made a nice speech about nation building in peaceful little Georgia:

    Is anybody else creeped out by this? :rolleyes:
  12. One billion? That creeps you out?

    Try five-hundred-and-seventy-billion. THAT creeps me out.
  13. Then again. The war in Iraq started with 1 billion. (estimated at 100 from start to finish)
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    First off, when we lend money to foreign governments, they have to use the money with American contractors. This is basically a loan to our international corporations.

    Second, we don't have any of that kind of money to lend. It will be printed up, causing inflation, or borrowed from China.

    Third, Georgia is the aggressor, why should US tax payers pay for their mistake in breaking a ceasefire and committing war crimes?

    Fourth, the speech is littered with falsified anti-Russian propaganda. This guy is pushing for Cold War 2 here...

    He's clearly a shill for the defense sector.
  15. People just can't realise that the red army is in the right for this one, I am scared of this, but McCain is a firecracker, so both way we are fucked.
  16. I'm a fan of Putin. Always have been.

    As far as this situation? How can any of us judge who is right or wrong? What do you know? The shit you heard on the news? MSNBC? Fox? CNN?

    I'm not making any accusations here and I'm not taking any sides. Not my place.

    I strapped on boots and did my time in Iraq so I'll speak my mind as much as I please about that situation but this whole Georgia/Russia thing is WAY WAY over any of our heads. Please people, you think YOU'VE been getting the truth?

    I'll tell you what you've been getting: Lies, from a thousand different angles.

    And if you want to believe what the talking heads and read-all-about-it websites told you, why judge? What has Israel been doing for the past decade? The same damned thing we "think" Georgia did to Ossetia.
  17. i thought biden was a good choice but if he picked clinton i think he would of already won the presidental election since there are alot of clinton voters.
  18. QFT, I happened to hear Rush Limbaugh this week he was praying they would pick Biden as Opposed to Clinton.
  19. The problem with Joe Biden is that he plagiarizes other politicians speeches. (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/politics/special/clinton/frenzy/biden.htm) I have a feeling that this choice secured the election for the Republicans. As much as that bothers me, I'm happy that at least with McCain in office, I'll be able to keep more of the money that I work hard for, instead of giving it away to those who do nothing to earn a living, but feel entitled to money anyway.
  20. Thank you for proving to me that conservative philosophy is simply self-justification for selfishness. Human ethics at an all time low.

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