Obama beating up Edwards?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Bluntzilla420, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Since this John Edwards scandal broke out, I am sure that Barack Obama has some ill feelings towards him. Obama was very seriously considering the "golden boy" as a VP, but now all of that is done and over with. Not only did Edwards screw Obama in that facet, he also made the Democratic party look like a bunch of hooligans once again. Bill Clinton gets head in the Oval Office and now John Edwards is having an affair while his wife is in remission from cancer.

    Politicians are just one of a kind, huh.
  2. I don't think Obama was ever seriously considering Edwards anyway. How would the candidate of change look if he chose the same running mate as his predecessor? There are a few others who have gotten his attention recently.

    I also don't understand what the big deal is.... I mean Edwards has been out of the race since January, he's not currently in any office. So basically he's a private citizen who had an affair. It may have been a stupid thing to do, but it's his personal life and shouldn't affect anyone outside his family. When will we stop caring what politicians do with their genitals?

    At least when Clinton was getting head, we had a surplus and the economy was booming.
  3. agreed man.. i understand the papers wanting to print it, he was running for pres. But for this to be on the front pages (in NY) and the Georgia/Russia conflict on page 12 shows where we are at as a society.

  4. Well, it was from 2 years ago, right? So he id it during his entire campaign. It is pretty sleezy and if I supported him I would be pissed off about where his priorities are at.
  5. thats there conflict, not ours. It really something we shouldn't get involved in, just like we should of never defended Israel.
  6. i agree.. i just think it's more newsworthy than edwards banging some chick.
  7. You should look more into the history of the Georgia conflict if you don't think that the American government will do everything it can to bolster Georgia and their regime. America and it's oil companies need Georgia in order to deliver Caspian Sea energy to European and Western markets.

    Exactly man. I hate to be cynical but all these media companies just want to publish the most sensational story, in order to get the most traffic, rather than report on relevant and more important issues. On a side note, Britney Spears rehab blah blah blah.........
  8. Georgia doesn't even touch the caspian sea, before you try to be smart do your research.


    Is it the Black Sea your talking about?
  9. :laughing: So looking up a map of the area is the extent of your research? Please, don't get all touchy because I said to look into the subject. Obviously you have not. You see Azerbaijan? Look into the US-Azerbaijan relationship and you'll see the connection. It's about an energy supply route. I've touched on the fact that America's government and oil companies have had a hard on for Caspian Sea energy ever since the fall of the Soviet Union in previous posts. So before you accuse me of not doing research:rolleyes:, might want to do your own;).
  10. yeah man.. i guess that's just the way it is. They're in business like anyone else and are going to run what they think more people will watch/read.
    Funny thing is i personally don't know many people who give a shit about brad pitt's baby and britney's rehab.. but i guess there are tons of people who are into that sort of thing.
  11. school me, the 3 articles I have found don't really give that much insight to the issue, you have claimed.
  12. http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5i7wB5Uxre-eHOI61jE5CZyRbV5QgD92EHPAG0

    From Georgia it goes to Turkey.

    In Azerbaijan US and British oil companies have invested billions into Azerbaijan in hopes of winning over their dictator. Clinton hosted a dinner for them in hopes of winning them over.

    Speaking about Turkey they are having some issues with the pipeline running through their country.


  13. great info cali. Puts more of a spin on the georgia issue for sure. I don't see how the US can't intervene if there's this much oil involved. Also they're an "ally" so we should have done something already no?
    If Iran did this to Israel we'd be dropping bombs now i'd imagine.
  14. My guess is that the US is going to try and de-escalate things and would rather avoid a full out war. This conflict has been brewing for a bit so I don't know where it's going to lead but Russia is fucking pissed that they are losing influence is former Soviet republics and America is exerting influence in the area. They are also pissed that they lost their once virtual monopoly on Caspian energy. Who knows, could Russia force the US into militarily intervening in Georgia? Payback for Afghanistan during the 80's? I hope not. Maybe Russia is just making a large statement to the US and the West not to fuck around in their backyard.
  15. yeah could be man.. i doubt russia would want that conflict either.

    it's a good way for Russia to get attention by flexing it's muscles during the Olympics.. kinda freaky that both Bush and Putin are there, must be a little awkward lol.
  16. Maby it has more to do with them being bitter that we crippled there economy, and them doing this before the olympic games is statement that they are afraid of us anymore.
  17. Whatever their reasons are I hope this doesn't escalate too far.
  18. From what I hear Georgia was the first to shoot, maby they are asking for it?
  19. Bro this has been simmering for years. About a month ago there were issues with Russia violating Georgian airspace and whatnot. Of course both sides will point fingers at each other, America will say Russia is being the aggressor and vice versa. But this has been brewing for years and years.
  20. In the frontpage of my newspaper it mentioned that Georgia is trying to take back a souther part of some area, Osseteria or some shit. Any ways, from what I here, Georgia is trying to take some land from Russia that they feel is theres.

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