Obama attacking mmj

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Labido, May 6, 2011.

  1. well..

    he's a big terrorist catcher now, and between that and this new rhetoric he should seal up the conservative vote.

    it's like he morphed into Bush overnight..

    where's aaronmans sig?
  2. no one in a politics section in a weed forum have anything to say about this?

    shocking.. :(
  3. Ya gotta do whatever gets you elected. If that means bending over a cancer patient and attempting to remove the tumor from their ass with your dick, then by god our president is willing.
  4. Yeah this is fucked. Didn't he already agree that they wouldn't be funding for help in fighting MMJ?
  5. didnt big pharma just cut a deal with the FDA over synthetic THC and shit like that?

    didnt see this coming guys......
  6. Wow. 2 years & switches his stance...siiiick!!!
  7. Guess it's perfect timing considering the recent events..
  8. I had just posted in a different thread that a civil war within the US would be in the next 100 years or so... I take that back.

  9. It is more of a red herring and basically states that in the Norml link.
    This is all in response to legislatures asking for clarification. Clarification is what the letters are. How could they be any different when policy and laws have not changed at the federal level?

    Here is food for thought though; What happens when 17 more States enact a MMJ Law?
    That would be 2/3 of the States If the Senators from those States would push for an Amendment to the Constitution ...... :devious: :cool: :smoke:
  10. No true conservative will vote for that bastard. He might of swayed a small sect of centrists. But farther than that, no.
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    if he pushes the terrorist thing hard enough, and starts another war.. and keeps pushing his anti drug/weed campaign they may vote for him.
  12. This guy just keeps getting more ridiculous by the day.
  13. God dammit. Every body thinks I'm an Obama hater but the shit just keeps on piling up.
  14. He already lost my vote. This is just another nail in the coffin.
  15. but he catches terrorists..

    shouldn't that be enough to get your vote?
  16. uh...demonrats, republicants, will lie, cheat, steal, kill, to stay in power...hasn't anyone been paying attention to history for the last 100 years?:confused:

    If we the people want to 'win' we need to kick the party system out of OUR government (G.Washington knew a party system was a bad idea...)
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    Amen to that- James Madison said in the Federalist papers that political parties would become nothing more than rioting factions. And he was right, except nowadays they are much much worse than that. Obama lost my vote a while ago and now I see that I was right not to trust him. He's just as big a hippocrite as the others. In his first campaign he said he would stop federal raids on legitimate mmj operations- collectives, patients, etc. Now he wants to take away our lifeline. For some of us patients, mmj is the only thing that has EVER worked and is close to the only thing that keeps our lives bearable and gives us the ability to function. Thanks asshole.

  18. Obama is such a joke at this point that nothing surprises me.

    Oh...and what terrorist did he catch???

    I require proof before I take a politicians word for anything. :D

    (call me crazy)
  19. I am so tired of Obama and these ridiculous people we put into office. This is what happens when a bunch of uninformed people vote, just because he's a minority. "CHANGE" my ass

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