Obama appoints an Ebola Czar, lol

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  1. WTF.
    Pictures of the latest "czar" to follow, after I eat supper.

  2. I totally trust our authorities.
  3. If they're not going to stop the flights, then when are they gong to start quarantining the people from Ebola countries who come here, until we know for sure that they don't have it after 3 weeks?   
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    Leave Obama alone!!
    It's his presidency but not his responsibility!
    Privileged American Terrorists!
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  5. so, now we're blaming the prez for ebola?

    too funny
  6. All I can assume to this is he officially just does whatever Fox says.

    Seems pretty odd we just have.. Czars lol is that weird to anyone else?
  7. I'm ready for the apocalypse.

    Got my bag of weed and my porn.
  8. Will probably be as effective as the Drug Czar. 
  9. This must be the new czar -- she's got the hat:
  10. Well when one has a medical crisis and you appoint a central head to manage a evolving emerging crisis you put the best man/women in the job for the task at hand.
    So right now our fates are in a man who is appointed to manage this that is a Lawyer, and was knee deep in the Solendra scandal.
    Obama is a hack, inept and right now he has the lowest approval ratings of any modern US President. The only person that has worse is Nixon who resigned. So yes the blame goes at the head MOFO in charge who makes the decisions that can impact this.
    When a company fails regardless of how big its the CEO's fault. When a ship has a mishap the Captain of a ship is to blame.
  11. And here it is! White House Strategy meeting with all the key players ... Cabinet, US military all of them. Who's not there...the man who is supposed to be the head man for this event.
    Bravo! Then again did you expect anything else from lawyer who is supposed to head up a medical response? Once again you can always count on your governments to fail you...whats funny is most want more of it!
  12. Idk it makes me wonder if all these things that have happened with Obama in office is he doing it on purpose or is he just an idiot?
    Most people are thinking he is just an idiot and bumbling everything and is just stupid
    By the way, not to be racist here, but what a great example of the "first black president". I wish it was a beter person. Idk. I think I would like Ben Carson.

    But yea I am starting to think that Obama is allowing these things to get Worse for a reason. Could it be so crazy he wants to give the government more powers and control??? What beter way then a czar?
  13. so stupid

    I think you are responsible for ebola

    I used to think he did it on purpose but if you look at his life through the prism of his life I think he can't help it. There all such idiotic that I think its just a process of it. Look at the Secret Service Director who resigned. In meetings she exploded on staff that Presidential Security should be like Disney Land Security? She was a hack
  15. I started this thread to show the folly of government, not of any particular party or of who happens to occupy the Oval Office at this time.
    From a non-partisan view, Obama and the horde of incompetent bureaucrats surrounding him is no better or worse than the previous dozens of administrations.
    The domineering, parasitical state is what it is despite who happens to be running it.
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    Obamas inept but this really has nothing to do with Obama. He doesn't control Texas Presbyterian hospital and even if you ban travel people will still find a way to come back. You act like people won't just take connecting flights from other countries. The point is obamas a retard but if you think he's to blame for a couple people getting ebola then you're dumb. It's a big heavily traveled world these days and trying to prevent infectious diseases from spreading is near impossible unless you completely shut down your border which is irrational. Even if Obama put a travel ban in effect there would still be people with Ebola. Shit happens, people die, but not everything's obamas fault. Why do people always feel the need to point fingers.
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