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  1. Obama said he "is not IN FAVOR of legalizing marijuana..."

    come on ---- you all need to read between the line here -- he's a politician.

    he does not want to be known as the President whose first thing was to legalize pot ---

    BUT ----- he did not say: "I will NOT legalize it..."

    Barney Frank of massachusetts introduced a bill last year to legalize it... if obama is confronted with enough pressure from Frank, etc. I think he WILL vote yes.

    read between the lines...
  2. IMO the only way mj will ever be legalized completely is if our economy is so shitty that the only way to get us out of the slump is to legalize mj nd tax the shit out of it...and even if that happens...it would take such a long to for all the bills to pass, manufacturers to start growing, etc.
  3. Naw Watch
    2nd term he will
  4. Or if they start realizing that the reason that most counties are going bankrupt is because they are spending like 5k-10k per pot bust when they can bust junkies left and right in the ghetto, free of charge.

    Thats not the ONLY way marijuana would be legalized and I doubt we would do that. America wouldn't tolerate going from being the military superhouse to being bailed out by marijuana taxes.

    Honestly even I would rather see the whole country go down the shiter then to be labeled as a country that scraped by from legalizing drugs and taxeing them.

  5. Well it's not even about that. It's just simple economics. You spend billions only to see marijuana use increasing and at it's highest point ever. Or you legalize it, creating a billion dollar industry and creating thousands of jobs.
  6. Yes it would but I honestly believeis sooner or later it would get illegalized again if we just jumped from what, 12-13 MMJ states? To all out legalazation.

    I think we should push for nationwide medical marijuana so that the medical field backs us up and all the people still hating on pot are the ignorants who cannot be swayed. Then go for decrim and THEN after a few years of the nation seeing that decrim isn't bad then push for legalazation.
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    Because people suck at accepting change.
  8. Heres the thing, it's not necessarily all Obama's word for legalization. The states have their own right to practice medicine, and Obama IS for having the DEA be better utilized.

    What I'm saying is, if the states were to pass their own medical marijuana bill, Obama probably wouldn't say no to it...
  9. Should just divert some of the billions of dollars spent on the drug war to supporting the economy and focusing on some of the more important issues at hand. Like the failing economy or the third rate medical care, or too a means of decreasing the divided of inequality in income brackets. Stuff like that.
  10. One person does not have the power to do such a thing. Legalizing is a process that will take a long time. Hoping that the president is going to make it legal is absurd. Bill Clinton lit up for fuck sakes.

    This movement is bigger than Obama. He could help but the likely hood of his advisers approving of it is very unlikely. ( unfortunately_ :mad:)
  11. It seems like are country isn't really a democracy at all,The government has taken most of our power from us.Just seems like our country is kinda fucked up if you look down to the roots.
  12. The answer to the question on change.gov is not too revealing. We know that he's not in favor of legalization, but he probably still favors decriminalization and might take other positive steps. The best we can hope for is an honest committee to study the effects of marijuana laws. Nixon's committee found that marijuana laws do more harm than good--I doubt Obama would just push a finding like that under the rug. If he chooses another drug warrior to be the drug czar, then I'm willing to write Obama off as someone who would favor reform.
  13. I don't feel it's about good and bad, or morality with government. It's all about the special interest groups. Primarily the US prison system. It could not survive and keep the big budgets they have without people getting snagged for marijuana offenses, not to mention all law enforcement groups nationwide. Also consider the pharmaceutical giants, they would lose a tremendous amount of money. I personally feel it will be at least decriminalized, at least on the medicinal use side. But how many people have to die and go broke at the same time paying prescription costs for cancer and other medications, and deal with debilitating side effects of those, when it would cost that patient pennies in the long run if they were allowed to grow they're own pain medicine?
    Medicinal will be first. It's already got some momentum and gets more every day.
  14. Nixons "War on Drugs" Policy, not committee did more harm than good. Read the Schafer Report, 1972. That was the research the committee did and found that marijuana basically caused no harm other than the human bodys reaction to ingesting smoke, which everyone knows isn't as good as ingesting water. Nixon was a friggin' moron, why would anyone, including Obama use Nixon as a historical resource on how to be President or dictate policy?
  15. So basically innocent people go to jail so other people can make money....Thats horrible,it definitely needs to be legalized :mad:
  16. Canada is the answer.
  17. This is america for you.

  18. Canada or the netherlands, both are pretty much on the right track, to bad both countries are suffering from the influence of their current conservative governments.

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