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  1. who really think obama is on our side? What are is actual intentions for the future of marijuana with him in office? He did flip flop on his statements on it and didnt say much at all if any towards the end of his campaign. I personally think he was voted out of ignorance and hype from young people and the fact that he is part black, young and a great with his words makes him enticingly likeable for naive peoples. I didnt vote for him or mccain, i was a ron paul kinda guy not for his pro-marijuana but for his constitutional policies and wanting to limit government and make it smaller because its way to powerful over the american people right now. In final do you think Obama is going to keep his intentions or do i need to move to canada, eh.
  2. i have a bet going with this kid, and if by june of this year i'm not drafted into the military, he pays me $100 . i have family members that think obama is the antichrist. i dont care. i'm gonna be amazed if he can possibly lose more money than bush. no way. we're missing trillions of dollars right now and the treasury wont say where it went. obama is cool with me until he tries to unite the usa with the nations of europe. fuck europe.
  3. I am not a democrat, nor a republican, but I tend to lean towards the latter. But, I really hope Obama does a great job, and I hope that he does reform the MJ laws. But I dont think thats gonna happen, but like I said. I hope.
  4. He's already pressuring the DEA to stop raids on medical marijuana dispensaries, and it's only been a month since he took office.

    I wouldn't hold my breath on 2009 being the year, but Obama's more likely to do it than anyone else in the mix right now.
  5. i think he was definitely the better choice between him and mccai, and i was very glad he won the election, however im not someone who thinks the sun shines out of his ass. Hopefully he can fix some of your problems because america is in the shit atm and has been there for a while. i do think he will dissapoint allot of left wing people who put their hopes in him.

    you could learn some things from europe
  6. Hey, hey! What did we ever do?
  7. yeah fuck yourself instead, ihugtrees :)
  8. lol...awesome.
  9. ihugtrees wtf dude? i live in america but im 100% russian both parents r 100% russian but i live in this corrupt country... america ... i love bud a lot of europeans love bud so whats the deal there dude?
  10. It doesn't matter what Obama's opinions are. It won't matter what any leader's opinions are when cannabis becomes legalized. It will be a glorious revolution. I'm dead serious; just wait!
  11. Reforming MJ laws are so far down on his list of priorities. Don't hold your breath. You'll see a reduced emphasis on raids of MMJ clinics and dispensaries. That's all you're going to see.
  12. If there is enough pressure on Obama and education about cannabis then there is pretty good chance.

    i agree several of the posters above me ...america's a bitch:D .jus go to europe and compare basics like food, and lifestyle/happiness
  13. if he did anything like that itd be a second term kind of thing
  14. He aint gonna do jack.
  15. ^^^

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    Obama is just another puppet. He was brought into the presidential scene because whomever is in power kew that naive Americans would not only vote for him but also feel that he would bring about great change. That's all bull. Obama will continue in the direction his predecessor's have been going. I doubt he will change any MJ laws let alone abolish them all together. Thats why I am going to Switzerland. Don't get me wrong I love America I just don't see a brighter future.
  17. Go back to Europe you piece of shit.

    BTW, went to the inauguration, and talked to Congressman McDermott, he said if it's not legalized and taxed in the next 5-10 years he'll be flabberghasted.

  18. Your very one sided my friend.
    Or so it seems.

    As for what I think, Obama was our best bet out of McCain and himself when it comes to cannabis.

    ive seen things McCain has said to MMJ patients and it makes me sick.
    McCain treated a young man who had true fear for himself like he was diseased for his use of MMJ.

    Ref:[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAlH1oZ0NfU&NR=1"]YouTube - Sen. John McCain meets a medical marijuana patient--Sept. 30[/ame]
    This is only one video, there are countless more where he treats people like shit.To be honest after that video Id like to spit in his fucking face.The woman came to him with a real question and real truth and all he can do is say I haven't seen it so it don't go on.

    Alas, I supported Obama through the Elections becuase I wanted a democrat in office, GoP had their chance and they really fucked it up.

    In the past Democratic have found a way to pull us out of debt and I have high hopes for Obama too, But I would have easily took Clinton or Edwards.

    But as for legalized weed and less stricter laws on Cannabis obama will atleast consider it,McCain was soild that it was a Drug and anyone who uses it for Medical is diseased.
  19. It's not one sided to be realistic, and I never said I wanted McCain in there. In this case 'best bet' isn't saying much.
  20. I know you didn't say anything about McCain.

    How are you being realistic?
    How are you so sure that Obama won't do anything?
    He has been in office for what a month?

    What is real to you?
    Underestimating a president after one month in office and a amazing run for President?

    I see nothing real, all your doing is saying someone won't do anything for some reason
    You not like Democratics?Blacks?Males?40 year old men?Cigarette smokers?People who wear blue ties?

    It must be one of these things, because its kinda hard to call something realistic when nothing to judge him by has come to pass.

    The only thing he has done yet is put a bill into congress on 800 something billion bucks.
    Meaning the statement of "He won't do jack shit" has already be dis proven for he just did something, good or bad, he did something.That my friend is Realistic.

    If anything your being Closed minded about it and Im being Realistic in saying Obama is our best bet for legal Cannabis because McCain would have never even thought once about it.Thats whats real about all this.

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