Obama Agency Rules Pepsi's Use of Aborted Fetal Cells in Soft Drinks Constitutes 'Ord

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    That's right, according to the article, Pepsi Cola teamed up with Senomyx to produce flavor chemicals, a company, that was discovered by a Pro-Life group, that uses aborted fetus cells in it's products and testing. A boycott of Pepsi was announced shortly after the discovery, meanwhile Senomyx declines to comment, but Obama gives Pepsi the green light to continue.

    I don't drink much cola but thank god I switched to Coke for all my cola needs years ago.

    Obama Agency Rules Pepsi's Use of Aborted Fetal Cells in Soft Drinks Constitutes 'Ordinary Business Operations' - International Business Times

  2. Hey, don't want that? Don't drink. Simple as that. So many other healthy alternatives. I barely drink Soda anymore. Really, I hardly doubt Obama looked at this. Presidents barely have time to worry about these things.
  3. Soylent Pepsi anyone? Obama loves it!:D
  4. Yeah, no duh. I already I'm not going to be drinking Pepsi ever again and that's because I'm not into possibly ingesting dead fetuses. And Obama himself, did he sign off on it or was it his administration? I always blame the administration, Obama is just a fall guy.

    Ughghhh so gross
  5. Pepsi is made out of people! :laughing:

  6. It's most likely the administration. I don't think the President has time to cater and watch every move his administration. He did pick the members of his cabinet and such, and it was done for a reason. Each person has their role, and by representing the President's views
  7. Hey, at least isn't as bad as those Chinese vitamin pills which were made out of real aborted fetuses.
  8. From same article

    Still, whole thing is pretty:laughing:
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    They aren't using fetal cells in Pepsi.

    HEK 293 cells aren't used to flavor Pepsi, they are used to isolate flavor receptors which they then use to test how these receptors react to certain flavor ingredients.

    HEK 293 cells are derived from embryonic cells that were collected from a human embryo in the 1970's. All HEK 293 cells used today have been grown in a lab, and they have been used in thousands of legitimate studies.

    It's not like they are harvesting unborn babies, shaking it up and adding it to soda pop, for fuck's sake. This is legitimate science.

    hek 293 cells - PubMed - NCBI
  10. Yes they are Penelope geez why you gotta be a buzz kill?

    It's all Obamas fault he stinks he doesn't care about soda he drinks the blood of the babies they abort before the process cant you see man?!
  11. I'm gonna start drinking Pepsi more often now.
  12. Stopped drinking soda years ago.

  13. Damn it, why do you have to ruin it? I was perfectly happy thinking that Pepsi is now baby flavored.
  14. Next time i see somepne drinking pepsi ima tell them whats in it and call them a cannibal hahahaha
  15. Obama probably lol'd...

    there's far bigger things happening right now.
  16. Coke funds terrorists groups

  17. source?
  18. Fucking soft drink companies hahahah who woulda guessed

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