Obama admits the drug war is an UTTER failure

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  1. "The war on drugs has been an utter failure. I think we need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws". Quoted directly from Mr Obama himself in 2004. Funny how he isn't so open about this stance now he's president...

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQr9ezr8UeA&feature=related]YouTube - Barack Obama on Marijuana Decriminalization (2004)[/ame]
  2. Eh everybody knows it, even Bush said it was a failure. Everybody knows, he probably just doesn't wanna let the hopefuls down.
  3. Legalize marijuana, alcohol industry takes a huge hit (probably alot of others as many people would stay home more), unemployment rate sky rockets as breweries shut down....Never going to happen especially when the Prez has shitty approval #'s. Yes, dispensaries will open, hiring will start again....after a few years. Obama wont take that chance, sorry
  4. guys alcohol wount take that much of hit , i doubt it will lose more than 10% if full leglaize in america .
    now cigarettes thats a whole diffrent story .
  5. This is the thing, so many politicians say that the drugs laws aren't working and we need to utilise decriminalisation, yet when they get into power they then say that the drugs war is working and change their views COMPLETELY.

    It's almost as if there is something going on behind closed doors that we aren't aware of.

  6. You do realise that this is a load of absolute bollocks don't you?

    I smoke weed, I want weed to be legal, yet I drink alcohol and if it was legal I would still drink. Most people I know would still drink if weed was legalised. The alcohol industry will not take a hit, and if it does it will be so negligible that you would be hard pressed to actually notice it.

    This is not a legitimate reason to keep cannabis illegal.
  7. hmmmm so why is the alcohol industry giving money to keep weed illegal? Let me guess, they just have money to blow.

    Where will the money come for you average citizen going to get money to buy put? From what he was spending on alcohol.
  8. Only a failure if you're on the losing team.....

    Private prisons,Police,DEA,lawyers,banks etc etc all benefit....of course the dealers and the cartels as well.

    CIA has been caught running drugs in the past to fund their operations.....guarantee it is still happening to this day.

    To them it's a great success.
  9. Actually, it's the lumber/textile industry that would take a far bigger hit, and a more important one at that.

    Though hemp products are currently on the market, typically in clothing, if Marijuana were to be legalized and therefor the stigma attached to it was reduced, the stigma on hemp would also lessen. Hemp has the capability to completely devastate the lumber and textile industries, even be part of a monopoly over them. As it was used in the past, hemp is an amazing product that can be used to make everything from paper, clothing, to construction/building materials. It's also far more renewable than tree's, and extremely cheap to grow and process.

    Even though hemp can legally be used in certain ways in these industries today, because of the stigma that comes with it, it has not been used widespread in most likely what amounts to a century or two.

    Using hemp instead of "x" would actually be for the greater good of the country in numerous ways, but it's initial reintroduction would cost far more jobs from the lumber/textile industries than Marijuana as a recreational drug would take from the Alcohol industry.
  10. Im right there with you. In no way was i saying it would ONLY effect alcohol. My point is that in the times we are in now, the federal Gov will not legalize...based on your point, my point and im sure many others
  11. It's almost as if there is something going on behind closed doors that we aren't aware of...

    If you haven't already seen it, I'd recommend taking a peek @ the film Zeitgeist, a conspiracy flic about what happens behind said closed doors...

  12. Very, very interesting, eye-opening doco. Quite extreme in their views I suppose, but it exposes many lies.
  13. A very good point,for all the jobs that hemp and recreational production would create,many would be lost,making the estimate of how much gain would be made from hemp becoming a legal market again very hard to do.

    The main reason we don't see more hemp products now on the American market is because of the cost of importing the hemp fibers and when they can be produced locally it will increase the number of hemp products sold substantially.

    I don't think the alcohol market will be harmed all that much by marijuana,there are just too many people that like to drink and cold beer in July is so close to heaven that the masses will never abandon it.
  14. There is no way Obama is going to touch the Drug War until his 2nd term (if elected). Presidents are notorious for dealing with hot button issues more in their 2nd term because they are able to do the things they want to do without fear of electoral repercussions.
  15. I wasn't a real big Obama fan, but now I'm reconsidering. Obama, my man. :hello:
  16. Or in the final days of this term if he knows no re-election is possible. I really think that if he
    thought he was not going to be elected that he would at least re-schedule marijuana through
    NIDA by having them recognize medical attributes in marijuana.
    There is enough medical research for them to do so at any time.
  17. Seen this vid so many times...it actually pisses me off how he says this when he was a nobody, and of course now that he is big bad President hes against it.

  18. Exactly what I thought.
  19. Zeitgeist part 2 & 3 are out now

    part 1 - i dunno bout that one, very extreme but interesting
    part 2 - crazy but still interesting
    part 3 is my favorite, there are no conspiracy theories, they actually take a very scientific approach to this one. if u dont get bored easily, check it out. it is very good and explains MANY MANY things. too much to list, but my favorite part about it is that it actually provides a GREAT solution to all of these problems. u should check it out, this one even went to theaters.
    ZEITGEIST 3: Moving Forward

    Support the VENUS PROJECT... it may be our last hope for the future.

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