Obama Administration Officials Back Out of Drug Policy Conference

Discussion in 'General' started by skatealex2, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Obama Administration Officials Back Out of Drug Policy Conference — MPP Blog

    Organizers were surprised when the two officials backed out of the event. El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles was not:

    “I don't know why you're all so surprised about the federal government's unwillingness to address this because, quite frankly, they've ignored the problem for years, and that's why we're in the situation we're in now.”
    El Paso city Rep. Beto O'Rourke's position on the conference might provide some insight into the administration officials' decision to back out. He hopes, according to the Newspaper Tree, “for a meaningful public discussion at the conference about legalizing drugs in the face of a failed strategy that has had such a destructive impact on everyday life in Juarez.” Kerlikowske may have sought to avoid addressing this issue, one that's becoming increasingly difficult for him as border violence and soaring prison populations continue to highlight his untenable position.

    I'm sure this isn't suprising for anyone that has been following the government and US drug politics, but it just gives me more reason to hate the Obama administration. it's fucking ridicolous that they can't even discuss these things openly .
  2. Why do we keep hearing about these kind of things and just taking it? It seems every time the government does somthing like this, millions complain, but nothing happens. If this was 100 years ago people would be in the streets with fucking pitchforks and handguns.

  3. I have a feeling back in the 70's if the internet was around, people would be protesting and fighting for their freedom.

    i think part of the war on drugs is a civil liberties issue. obviously the mainstream public would never back at least not for 100 years- full drug legalization, but it doesn't make sense that our government officials can't go to a debut of this caliber and talk about the possibilities of stopping non violent drug arrests , it's a burden on the economy to be using our tax dollars arresting innocent citizens even if some our drug addicts, and more importantly-

    the issue of Marijuana needs to be discussed at this point. even the mainstream is catching up, yet the government can't back away from their fucking propaganda stances, seems like they are afraid to admit the mistakes from the government in the war on drugs.

    If things continue to go this way - we will still have an on going war on drugs in 50 years from now and I can personally guarantee that there will be literally no progress made in it.

    A society without drugs simply does not exist. at least legalize the safest one of them all and make a shit load of money taxing it- but the DEA officials are not going to let this happen as far as they can help it

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