Obama Administration ‘Firmly Opposes’ Marijuana Legalization — Here’s Why

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    reason why ===> Obama Administration

    you've got to be fucking kidding me fuck you obama why do people encist on being so ignorent and oblivious
  2. as Carlin said, "Bullshit in, bullshit out"
  3. *sigh* this doesnt surprise me, and i realize that Obama doesnt want to be "the black president who legalized dope" but for fuck's sake, the people have spoken, we want to smoke pot legally.
  4. The real reason: Big Pharma
  5. All about the corporate dollars that the government makes from their big CEO counterparts. Couldn't agree with you more OSG. As states do start falling inline and decriminalizing we may possibly see the changes that were hoping for. Have to vote in the right minded people and ones that are for our cause. Great article though and after november I'm very curious to see what happens in California. Biggest popcorn bucket I can find online!
  6. Bingo.

    In light of the recent 'reformation' of drug control policy spearheaded by the Obama Administration, many people are seeing an optimistic outcome for the Drug War. However, the Pharmaceutical Companies have far too much play in what happens in the political realm. Their dollar is their vote - essentially establishing this country as a plutocracy.

    Cannabis can not be propagated or limited by the federal government enough to earn significant profit on it, which is exactly what they're looking for: significant profit. The fact that you need a team of Physicians, Researchers, Chemists, Bio Chemists, etc. to develop, test, manufacture, and distribute one pharmaceutical medication in the laboratory prevents people from home-propagation of these substances, leaving prices and access completely out of our hands. Cannabis isn't like that. People will continue to grow, harvest, and yes, sell their own crops in attempts to prevent their pocketbooks from being drained by government levies even if it were to become fully legalized, taxed on, and regulated.

    Under these circumstances, which may be subject to change in the distant future, I don't see a positive outcome for the government-led battle against Cannabis. It's a pessimistic prediction, but also a realistic one.
  7. lmfao ignorance is bliss
  8. Would you expect anything less? Something that would help society but no fuck it lets keep a plant illegal
  9. I think as governments continue to oppose legalization, the proportion of supporters in the public is only getting bigger with time. The longer they stall and ignore calls for legalisation, the more people are behind us. By the time it comes to serious debate, I think there will be a strong majority backing legalization.
  10. Really? How do people like this even get dressed by themselves?

  11. Easy...the make enough money to pay people that can do all that 'complicated' stuff....
  12. This kind of thing just sets me in a rage and makes me want to throw an entire paycheck NORML's way. Just as a big **** YOU to the idiot policymakers who make these horrendous claims.
  13. Obama administration "firmly grips" each others' cocks in massive congressional circle-jerk: Biden strokes prostate
  14. Now I am a Obama supporter but what the fuck? Shit I really hoped he would have been for legalization and now its gonna be even harder. But if Ca gets enough support from other states then I am sure Obama is gonna have to rethink it. *hopes*
  15. No, he won't have to and he won't rethink it. As for supporting him, anyone who thought he was really some new kind of politician was totally conned. I was saying that long before he won the nomination. He's just another in a long string of dirty politicians who have inhabited the White House. He just has a better tan.

  16. Amen. Anyone else who saw otherwise needs to step away from the Elephant and Donkey and start thinking for themselves...

  17. Just has a better tan?

    He is BLACK! LOL

    I guess the people who are REALLY in charge of what happens in this country figured they where gonna fuck us good in the next 4 years, so they threw a black guy up there to fuck with us even more. :D

    I think its absolutely hilarious that people think Obama has anything to do with the decisions he makes. He has NO say. He is a fuckin PR person. We have a bunch of evil fuckers who have a lot of $$ running our gov. right now. We need to realize capitalism is not what we are being told it is. We are told that capitalism is what makes our country so great. Well what is so great about our country anymore?

    We have been tricked by a bunch of rich bastards and we just keep lining up to let em do it to us more and more. We need a REVOLUTION. Its the ONLY way to get our country back.
  18. and he inhaled...that was the point... ;)
  19. The point is he's a lying sack of shit like most Politicians are. Not about this issue; he was clear he didn't support Legalization during the Campaign. I just mean in general.

  20. i was conned and i have learned from it.
    against marijuana
    offshore drilling
    still at war
    protecting the fed.
    fuck that black/white fuckhead (change - huh.....my ass)
    ron paul man all the way

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