Obama accepting..the nobel peace prize ?????

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chicken, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. just what the hell has this guy done to recieve this award ?

    NOTHING <------------------

    as did YASSAR ARAFAT,,, i wonder how he feels being in a club that has terrorists...as a recipitant of this prize,,,

    knowing obama and his past affiliation with domestic terrorists,,and a hate monger for a preacher,,,,im sure he will accept this prize,,SMILING...

    ..his approval rating right now is the lowest of any predident in history..at this point into his term....

    THE LOWEST in history.....hows that change doing ?:rolleyes:
  2. terrible topic. grasscity's political board is full of tin foil hat wearing imbeciles. i've just been needing to say that for a while.

  3. thats because the award means absolutlly nothing,,, i mean look at some of it's recipitants....JIMMY CARTER.. yassar arafat,,,and now obama...

    if anyone deserves this award it's george bush...

    he has brought freedom to millions...

    he's actually given people something to live for,,,the oppisite of what radical islam teaches to it's blind followers....[ KILL YOURSELF FOR ALLAH BECAUSE YOUR LIFE SUCKS ANYHOW }

    BUT TO the ones who decide on who gets this prize.. it's a farce...

    those that actually deserve it .. dont even get a mention..

    if the man did the right thing...he would decline this award,,and make a suggestion that it be given to someone who actually desrves it,,,

    but after KANYA WEST,, did his little retarded move on stage,,,

    it's clear that respect is something that we as americans have lost...


  4. how do you think this is a terrible topic?

    do you think obama desrves this award,?

    he should be embarrased being the leader of the free world.. to accept this prize...

    knowing that there is thousands of people around the globe that are actually doing things in god-forsaken places to make peoples lives better,,

    it just shows me that this award has no credability.. once again...

    ..but obama.. just might deserve it,,,i mean he was a community organizer..:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    please....this guy is the biggest joke of a president... that i think in the history of men that have held this office,,,

    A F-KIN JOKE<-------------:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  5. Look, we get it, you hate Obama. DO you have to start a BAZILLION threads on the same damn subject over and over? Why don't you join your fellow Obama haters on Fox News' message boards?
  6. yet another bash obama thread with no substance. shocking. simply shocking
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Hahah, dude you don't even discuss politics . ...

    You just bash politicians like this is some kind of radio talk-show.

    Well, it isn't.

    This is a forum where we discuss things and (try) to interact with each other like respectable individuals . . .

    So you can yell at your television all you want, but this isn't really contributing to the City.

  9. someone close this thread please

    we need a forum clean up
  10. And certain users should be specially forbidden from starting threads in here.

  11. we are talking about the nobel peace prize....i believe that has subsatnace?

    i have yet to see a post that has the words '' NOBEL PEACE PRIZE'' in it...

    besides mine...it seems like im on topic,,, and everyone else is bashing me,,:rolleyes:

    so i guess to everyone-else but me...the peace prize means nothing...

    which of course is the reason obama is recieving it...

    so i guess if the peace prize is a popularity prize then maybe he should get it....

    because never has one person who has done nothing with his life,, acheieved the highest office position there is, in the free world...:p
  12. Seriously chicken, this is getting ridiculous, even for you.
  13. maybe 2 months ago when it was relevant
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    Really 'chicken'?

    Come on man, I don't want to come to the politics sub-forum just to see an excessive presence of pointless threads that don't really contribute to the community.

    The only reason our posts "aren't on topic" is because, to be honest, the topic wasn't really accessible to begin with. You took a topic that had potential and twisted it into something that was so skewed in it's ignorance that we really had no other option than to not take it seriously.

    You claim that you take politics seriously, but your threads (and posts) more or less show otherwise.

  15. I know right it getting old
  16. If you guys even watch the news he just recently accepted it and if you think chickens threads are pointless then move your chubby ass fingers and make something else

    personally i didn't believe he deserved that from day 1 its just disappointing they are believe promises of an untruthful president
  17. Yeah but come on, america isn't getting any smarter. Every year since I can remember the country's like for the president has decreased. Why, because everyone wants everything to be perfect and unfortunately thats not going to happen.

    That being said, Obama definately doesn't deserve this award.
  18. People who are attacking chicken for making this thread Obama supporters ? I'm neutral about the guy. But America is an imperialist nation. How can he accept an award like this? PR move? I dunno

    Troops all around the world*to keep peace of course* And 2 wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Thousands getting killed and all for peace.

    Peace is the new god.
  19. this is a joke. Its almost as if its to divert the attention.

    he gets a peace prize after sending 30,000 troops to kill and be killed.

    than hes got the audacity to say war is peace or something along the lines.

    we've been fucked with for way too long.

    Bush rapes our country and leads us in a downward spiral so by the time 08 came around, faith in the gov was nil.

    So they decide to put a fresh young face, good speaker, promising everything we WANT basically blah blah blah, to get everyone hyped and excited to vote.
    Then as soon as hes in, he shows us who hes really working for...Pretty much continuing the bush policies..extending the patriot act..

    Lets not be tricked again! before too long we arent going to have anything to fight back with.

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