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  1. Is this a good pH meter to get? I have searched high and low, and there is so much debate. you got people saying YOU CANT GET ANYTHING WORTH A SHIT FOR LESS THAN $100!!!! And some that say the cheap ass ones from home depot/lowes will serve you fine. A week or so ago, I got a Ferry Morse or whatever like $15 dollar soil tester from homedepot, probably a mistake. Its always saying seven, then you twist it around in hte moist soil and it reads something real fast then goes back to seven. Prolly not a POS :rolleyes:

    Any way, what do you guys think about this?


    Will that be a good meter? This is my first grow, and honestly Im prolly gonna try to see if I can do without one for a while, but at the same time if youre gonna take the risk why not try to get the best outcome.

    Now, does that thing test the water?

    Like, can I just test the water that Im gonna use, and either use it if its good or correct it, and as long as the right ph water is going into the soil it should be ok?

    Also, I assume its the same for nutes? Mix up your water and nutes, test, adjust, water. Am I correct?

    I know theres a million threads on the issue of pH, Ive read through a lot of them but I just want to have MY thread and MY conversation. There will still prolly be some trolling smart ass who links me to a google search or something stupid, but Ive been doing nothing but searching about my questions for the past week or two. Just trying to have some actual convo with other WEED GROWERS.
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    Just mix, test, adjust, and water. No big deal.

    Sorry forgot to answer main questiin. Yes that's a pretty good meter just be forewarned that digital means calibrateing. Which in turn needs calibration fluids. Some come with a few packets some don't. Just letting u know
  3. Yeah this one doesnt. i think i read it was 3 point, so some 4,7, and 10 shouldnt run me too much. Gonna see if i can make it without until I grab some real genetics though.

    Thanks for your answer, I know what I need now.
  4. No problem. Glad I can help. Good luck and be safe
  5. I have that PH pen works great. Paid the same price about on Amazon.com. Not a single issue other then it doesnt PH taking temps into consideration. Search for the Ph-2 I think its called it calibrates ph and temp. Never had a issue though with the PH-1.

    Yes you test the water or water with nutes before you apply them. That pen is not supposed to be stuck into the soil.

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