Oakland School Turns out Pot Club Pros

Discussion in 'General' started by Boosh, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. whaaaa? I wanna go there man!
  2. That is awesome. I hope to go in this industry some day :smoke:
  3. Hmmm Maybe I can be a professor after all. :D
  4. wow this is amazing:hello:.......i cant wait till i have enough money to move to california, or untill NY relizes how stupid these laws are
  5. Californians are lucky
  6. so how hard is it exactly to find a job at one of these places?
    if someone had a job at a dispensery making a lot amount of money, but what promised to be legit, i would uproot and leave everything by next week
  7. that is fucking amazing, im going to oakland in a few weeks im going to check it out!
  8. It's shit like this that makes me want to move either to the bay area ...
    not oakland, so much ... homicides and such...
  9. You know what we need, a school like this to train people to be marijuana law reformers.
    You'd learn all the laws of the prohibition, all the details of its history and all the proven facts that rebut the Government's reasons for having the prohibition.

    Just my opinion, but there's a lot of names, dates and details to know and it'd be great to have it all collected in one place and presented by veteran reformers. Also it'd be great to have other people around to practice debating the issues with.

    one day maybe...
  10. amsterdamage, that sounds like a great class that could be sponsored by NORML
  11. yeah, I wonder if they've ever considered doing it?
  12. I'm sure they've considered lots of things...
  13. Bet its tough to get in there.

    Even with a MMJ card, some 21-25 year old kid will have a tough time getting into that.

    And i bet its 21+ classes. Hahaha still one HUGE step towards pot becoming a tolerated "drug". Makes my heart warm with joy.:D

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