Oakland Patient Center sold me Male clones!!

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  1. Just to let everyone know, DO NOT BUY CLONES FROM OAKLAND PATIENT CENTER (OPC) on Broadway in Oakland. They have a "clone emporium". I bought 12 babies a month ago and they were FUCKING MALES!! I brought them back in a fury and they tried to give me 12 of the same strain. I told them No way and the explained that I would have to pick from the same breeders plants, so I picked a different strain and low and behold, they were fucking male too!! When I went back the second time they tried to give me 18 clones as recompense. I told them that I wanted 12 of the teenagers they had to put staright into budding as I am now over month and a half behind, not to mention the cost of soil, nutes, electricity, time, effort, two unnecessary round trips to Oakland. The manager tried to help but his puppet masters at the Santa Rosa dispensary obviously didn't give a fuck about their reputation. They told hum to give me the 18 babies or offer 6 babies and my original money back. This whole fiasco cost me big time. Pass the word along to everyone you know, don't waste your time like I did.
  2. Hey I'm out in Santa rosa sounds like ur talking about organicann. This does not surprise me they will let anyone with the goods be a vendor very out for money. With that said my fab club hands down
  3. Didn't you already start a thread about this in the more appropriate section of seedbanks? I don't see why this is in advanced growing. I understand you're pissed, but come on. One thread is enough.
  4. Just wanted to get the word out so no one else gets burned brotha. That's all
  5. I actually got removed from the seeds section!! LOL!!
  6. Damn bro that sucks, how can some place call themselves a dispensary and keep giving out male clones..
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    Are you sure they are males from the get go? Or did plant stress play any kind of factor? Or mabye they stressed them out... Its not a hermie.. its a straight up male?? wtf??
  8. Ok, but this is so funny, they sold you 24 male clones!!! :) although I am sorry to hear that :(
  9. :hello:if your already going to oakland get your clones from the oaksterdam nursery;)saturday mornings (line starts forming very early ...4 am) its located 3 doors down from blue sky on 17th between franklin & webster.first come first served w/limits on mothers if llots o people want em that day.cool thing is if u dont want to wait in line all nite then they have a catalog u can order from & they call you to come get em when theyre ready:cool:top quality every time:Dno herms,noo males:mad:i recomend their purple kush for both indoor& out:rolleyes:tastes like fruitloops:p

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