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Oakland busts..

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by NorCalHal, May 30, 2008.

  1. haha an ounce can go for $400 to $500, marijuana has become increasingly more expensive.

    F the DEA, grow ur own..
  2. continuing the trend.
  3. [​IMG]

    Am I getting my hopes up that a new administration would end this???
  4. yes you are ....
  6. This is why the DEA loves to raid the dispensaries: cured and ready for resale!!!!
    And notice how they always wait till a person's grow is ripe and ready?
    Otherwise you'd see them raiding any place, even ones with baby clones. Though, it's not a showy raiding a bunch of baby plants as it is big, beautiful bushes, huh?
    Disband the DEA, we don't need their services any longer!
    and, oh yeah. . . F the DEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Shit now the prices are going to go up....Every election year it seems like they want to make a name for themselves and start busting eveyone....JUST SO THEY LOOK GOOD.And pot farms are easier to bust then and crack lab....They should be worrying about the hard drugs and getting all the crack heads and cheese heads off the street and leave us pot heads alone.....I am so glad I live in a state that I can smoke and grow and be legal.....I will never live this state......
  8. Why should I love god? He strung up his only son like a side of veal. I shudder to think what he'd do to me."
    Marquis de Sade in Quills

    I like your quote........And he is a pervert too....insest is all though the bible.....sick f..ks
  9. Spuds n'buds, Why are you defending them?
    (thanks for identifying yourself as an officer, btw. LOL)
    Did you read the article?
    No one was arrested. Get it? Nice case for the DEA growing their own shit.
    They raid and steal other peoples' shit all the time without arresting anybody. . ., which is mighty suspect to me.
  10. ah that sucks.. considering its about 40min from where i live... oh well, i guess thats wat u get for runnin a huge grow in the middle of oakland :bongin:

  11. It takes a while to set up a case and get a warrant, and generally people growing enough to get raided have a constant cycle of plants in different stages some at flower, some still young, so no it's not that weird. The media likes to sensationalize the news to increase the # of people watching. By saying all the plants were about at harvest with some huge weight per plant because makes people more interested, thus increasing the # of viewers,. They do it all the time, exasterbating the shit out of small things. For example (not mj related)

    "They were there as early as 5 a.m., I heard."

    There have been no arrests so far, the DEA said.
    The DEA offered little detail. However, Garcia said, " They had raids in San Leandro, Hayward, Oakland. It's supposed to be the biggest drug bust in California," she said."

    So they bust the place as early as possible so the citizens don't see their BS, they don't make arrest because they know it would lead to too much pro-cannabis activism, so they have to stop it before people actually see the truth behind cannabis prohibition. Seriously how retarded can they be? No arrests in the biggest drug bust of the state? That shouldn't even be legal, they should be required to make arrests or lose their jobs. Not saying I want these people arrested for cannabis, but this is just a way to keep more people quieter, and to keep the so called "problem" around.

    The DEA has intentionally failed in the drug war, because if they actually made the drug obsolete they would have no more job, so they produce "results" with out busting the source, so in 4 months the grow is back underway for them to bust again, but they still won't make arrest, because then there could be no more growers left and they don't want that, they rely on that for there jobs. Same exact reason they keep the drug illegal.
  12. I'm not, i'm saying it's a tactic used by them to keep control, total corruption. Cannabis prohibition is a big business, a if we can show the public that, they may side with legalization, but we have to be honest, and realize that growers do keep cycles, so they have baby plants too, but the DEA will call them flowering adult females, along with the news.
  13. More possible evidence that this was a set-up:

    One of the sites raided was located in Oakland, and there, the DEA made the mistake of leaving bags of marijuana behind after the raid. On Wednesday evening, Oakland police officers were on the site, arresting two suspects for allegedly breaking into the building to steal the marijuana that the DEA had left.

    Mistake!?! I think not. DEA never leaves anything behind.
    I suspect the 2 suspects were told to go back there. And by who? Hmmmm, DEA, perhaps?
    This whole thing wreaks of federal stinky crap!
    The DEA are drug lords, they are the biggest gang of thugs in the US. :mad:

    Why'd the DEA hit 'em up at 5AM? Perhaps to avoid being held inside the site by activists, like what happened in LA the day before? LOL

    "Spuds'n'buds: The DEA has intentionally failed in the drug war, because if they actually made the drug obsolete they would have no more job, so they produce "results" with out busting the source, so in 4 months the grow is back underway for them to bust again, but they still won't make arrest, because then there could be no more growers left and they don't want that, they rely on that for there jobs. Same exact reason they keep the drug illegal."

    Spoken like a good, loyal officer!
  14. Well I guess time will tell. But something tells me the raids will stop.
  15. i think you are bro.. any one of these 3 candidates are all part of the same agenda.
    hopefully i'm wrong..
  16. I don't get how that's spoken like an officer? It's obviously anti-DEA. Everyone in the country knows the DEA puts it right back on the streets, thats how they make their money. It's capitalism, it's failing, because there is far more money in the prohibition then legalization, at least for the government big shots, and the rest of their families & friends. Cannabis and hemp would be the biggest crop in the world if legalized. It's too good, and not just in a medical point of view. The oil industry would be left in shambles, the lumber industry would fail, the cancer industry (The one that help keeps cigs legal) and much more. Funny thing is, most politicians are related too or are good friends with the big families in those industries. The working people could easily switch to cannabis production, the economy would thrive on it, but it would be an agricultural industry, with independent farmers, like corn, soy beans, etc. are now. There would be even more jobs, even without those industries around because there is so much to do with cannabis and so many uses and you don't need millions of dollars to produce it, just sun,water and a seed. So the profits would be spread out to a ton of people instead of just a few CEO's who go home with record profits while we pay record oil prices or how countries are left destroyed from deforestation, that results in hundreds dying, and villages destroyed in so called natural disasters like landslides. It all started with Anslinger, the only reason there is even a belief of cannabis being dangerous is because it would have ruined his patrons companies, like the Duponts, who produce petroleum based products. But a full destruction of the drug would have left Anslinger broke, so he continued to rake in the money by half-busting people for smoking it, think about how powerful they are, how many times they have violated the constitution and it has gone unnoticed, if they wanted to destroy it they would have. But instead they insist to keep people down, by arresting them and ruining their lives, and then fining them, or taking percentages of the money they steal. The medical aspect is just a deterrent from their real interest. Why else would they keep up these lies about cannabis use being so dangerous, and even include hemp in the whole ordeal?
  17. that's the big problem right there.. it's such a tight knit circle of corrupt soulless scumbags that control everything.
  18. i know if you look at white house jobs in the past say 20 years you see ALOT of reccuring faces. bush seniors ENTIRE cabinet and supporters were re hired by bush junior . it is obviously an effort to keep the same people in control.

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