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  1. what if life was like one big lucid dream? the people we experience everyday are all smoke and mirrors. our "friends" are just pieces of our minds. what do we wake up to? what do we look like? haha this is my way of writing down ideas when im baked.
  2. i would wake up and be like 'ahhhh fuck not again!!'
  3. when i get really high it freaks me out everything is made of tiny particles
  4. You do not exist. You are a computer simulation showing Androids what a humans existence would be like.

    Resistance is futile.
  5. I dont believe we are alive, a lucid dream as well mine, due to the fact that I had many events that I should been in a comma
  6. I used to scare myself everyday imagining what if this is just a fucking dream. What's even reality man, who knows my dreams are more realistic then my "real" life.
  7. Meh. Even if it is, its real as fuck to me. Ill just keep treating it as a real experience but if its all a dream hopefully I wake up as something bitchin.
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    it's called death

    life is our conciousness' perceived reality
    at the end you are whatever you have made yourself
    if you've tortured yourself to insanity you've created your own hell
    if you've achieved zen-like peace and enlightenment and oneness, you can ostensibly travel at the speed of thought exploring and rejoicing in the infinite knowledge and wisdom of the universe as an ethereal being, and basically take this party to the next level.
    or you could totally fail and possibly cease to exist, or maybe come around again
  9. We are trapped behind the mechanical limitation of our brains. We are but chemical reactions. Our thoughts merely a phenomenon.

    Or are we something more?
  10. Yup. When you die you wake up from "the dream". Nothing is real. everything you experience and see is a figment of you imagination. No one knows what you wake up to.

    Or you can believe in a book called the bible and instead of waking up you go to a place called heaven.

    Or you can believe in nothing and when you die your body just goes in the ground and you fertilize the earth.

    But I like the dream one. Its sci-fi ish and unpredictable. Somebody has to make a movie about this. It kind of reminds me of the matrix.

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