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  1. SuP??
    I have a question to ask all of you nutrient users. Alright, well I have a plant that is almost 2 and a half feet and its bottom growth like right before i topped her, her leaves are turning yellow. Yes indeed i know it was from over fert. so i gave it some milk. These prob. went away untill this morning. I woke up and im like ShIoT! People say just the tips are exposed to get like yellow, but the whole leaf turns yellow. I came across some IRONITE that was sitting out on my front porch tonight. It says it turns yellow to green. Well i was wondering if i could use this on my plant? It dosnt say its for plants- it sayz its for trees, shrubs, flowers, ext. Ive never used n e kinda fert. like this before so i was wondering if i should use it and how?
  2. Well, your a little to late, my lighting came down on my plant chopping off 2 of her arms and she was doign just fine up untill my cat finished her off, Guess she was a little anxious. Well i gave birth to 10 more plants, hopefully there all females. Cant beleive my baby had to die right before harvest, She had so many flowers on her and was gettin ready to bud and then all the sudden..... Ill post some pix up on a new thread to update you on some things.
  3. Hey, do you have aol instant messenger or yahoo messenger? If so hitt me up witta pm yahoo- s3tz_wsa_k|20o aol- Damaged 703

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