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O. The Redux *photographs*

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lexus_Rolla, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. I had a thread a few days back about extracting opium. Well my 10 Large poppy pods arrived and here are my results in a horrible picture.


    This is after drinking a little bit of opium tea and smoking about 10 bowls today that had O in them. Man its been a crazy day haha. And I scored some Percocets.

    The process:

    -Break open each pod and remove the seeds (saved 'em for later :D )
    -Put all the pods in a big zip lock and crushed 'em up a bit with a big pot
    -Ground up all that shit in a coffee grinder
    -Bring 1 cup of water per 5 pods to a boil.
    -Dump the powder in the water and IMMEDIATLEY remove from the heat.
    -Put the pot on a new burner set at 2. Let steep for 25-30 minutes.
    -Ran it through a french press. This got every bit of gunk out of it.
    -Poured it into a fresh pan set on low
    -Let the water reduce. Keep a close eye on it.

    The shit in the bottom is now refined/cooked O. Good stuff! All said and done I had over 6g of undried O. It was smokeable but you gotta keep that lighter lit and on there. Tomorrow I plan on leaving it out in the sun for a good portion of the day. Once its completley dried it will smoke so much better. Hella psyched!

    Opium off the internet. Crazy. Well enjoy that guys.
  2. Awsome man. Where'd you order from if you mind sharing?
  3. Sounds like fun bro, I wanna see some pics of a milked bong with O in it. that would be sweet, prolly looks the same but its just the fact that its an Opium rip, sweet. Good work man. JOE>
  4. have you tried regular opium before? and did it compare? i've only smoked it once but it pretty much paralyzed me for a good 3 hours.
  5. Awesome man, +rep I have to definitly try extracting some for myself
  6. thanks for posting about this LR, i think im going to do this now as the opium search has been unsuccessful around here as of late...
  7. Yeah that shit is fucking HARD to find. A small update...I took one of those percs last night and fucking overdosed. Apparently O and oxycodone don't mix. That or I had a lot more O in me than I thought I did. Never felt so bad in my life thought I was going to die. Ran to the fridge to get the milk jug to start bringing me down and I hit the floor so hard. Told myself to get up and fight soldier and I did and I made it through. Crazy night. No more drugs for me for a few days.

    I shouldn't do this but I will. The pods can be found on the internet or on ebay. Most places sell them by the case (100 pods) but I didn't want that many because I had no idea if my plan would work. is where I got my pods. Large Papaver pods are 11.50 for 5 pods. All I will say is please be careful. Just because you basically have a constant hookup for opium doesn't give you the green flag to become a slave to it. Respect the pod or mother nature will beat that ass.
  8. Opium is very intriguiging, but my addictive personality tells me never to even contemplate it. I'm definitely going to share this with my husband though. He just quit smoking and drinking. I think this will help cheer him up. (so to speak) Thanks for the link too.

    Glad everything turned out ok last night. I had no idea O didn't work well with other drugs. And percs are such a fantastic drug to mix too... It's a shame.
  9. yeah opium and oxycodone...look out...from what i've heard oxycodone alone can be a lot what did you take one of those 80 ones or what? Because oxycodone is a synthetic opiate a really strong must have been fucked lol...

  10. Opium is addictive but not as bad as you'd think. Your body acclimates to the presence of opiates which is why you can't make it an everyday thing. If you smoke or eat some and get really blazed then I wouldn't do any more for at least 2-3 days, but preferably longer. Otherwise your tolerance will quickly increase, especially if you smoke it. I figure if I get any more enjoyment out of the O it will be over long periods of time and if I want to make more I'll save it for a really special occasion.

  11. Nah it was just 5mg of Oxycodone which is why it threw me for a loop. You wouldn't think it could do that much right? Of course earlier in the day me and my buddy were pretty Op'ed up and I was pinching my arm as hard as I could and I felt absolutley no pain. I was amazed to be honest. I probably had more in me than I thought I did. I feel lucky and I've learned from it so it isn't all bad. Someone's just telling me to quit fucking around and be a bit more careful.

    Oh, right now my O is outside sun-drying its a bit gooey but it stopped sticking to everything it touched. I need it to get really dry so it smokes really well. And I will tell you guys right now that it tastes so wonderful. There's nothing like the taste of opium vapor. Its amazing! If the color purple had a taste, that's what it would taste like.
  12. I've seen that a couple of times, had some friends do it but I personally only did a little bit. How much does that quality level of O usually go for, for a gram?

  13. $30-50.
  14. im totally intrigued. ive heard a couple of times of people whove been traveling in thailand, vietnam, and other such places and have smoked opium soaked joints/blunts. totally mad aparently, real knockout. but all said it was great.

    the idea of doing opium does scare me. i have a highly addictive personality, plus i dont really know anything about it.

    what was it like? if its possible to explain.
  15. The first thing you should do is arm yourself with knowledge. Hit up Erowid and Wikipedia and learn everything you can about the drug. The more you know the better judgements you can make.

    The O people mention from India and Asia and whatnot is probably much higher quality than the O I made from my pods. I'm guessing my pods are from red poppies but I really don't know. Anyway, Opium is considered a Euphoric depressant and analgesic. AKA pain killer and general positive outlook. The active ingredients in Opium are alkaloids. Opium itself has a LOT of alkaloids in it that work together in combinations. Morphine, Codeine, Papaverine, Thebaine, etc etc. Morphine is the major ingredient of opium. Its a very strong painkiller. Codeine is a much milder pain killer but it also has properties to help people sleep. Papaverine a is muscle relaxant. Thebaine is a stimulant however its concentration in Opium is quite low.

    Any alkaloid in Opium has a tendancy to be addictive. Opiates bind with receptors in the CNS and in the spinal cord. Your body can very quickly acclimate itself to the presence of opiates. If you were to smoke opium a couple times a day for three days in a row and you then didn't smoke any more for two days you would probably experience mild withdrawal symptoms. This is why recreational use of opiates requires patience and a fairly strong will. Your body will build up a tolerance to O meaning that more will have to be consumed to reach the same level of high that you're used to. This is especially true with smoking O. Smoking it will very quickly increase your tolerance. This is why I'm not doing anything at all today because I did all that shit yesterday. I'm taking a break for a couple days to get my head straight.

    In terms of how it feels...after drinking a bit of Opium tea and smoking a fair amount along with some bad shwag (ruined the taste of the O) it is a high similar to that of bud. You feel very mellow. You'll be more sensitive to light and sound. Most people prefer a dim enviroment with some relaxing music at a low volume. O mixes very well with bud however I wouldn't drink on it and I wouldn't mix it with anything else. More to come!

    Edit: Sorry about cutting it short, someone came in the room and I didn't want them to see what I was writing about. Anyway, the high can best be described as walking on air. You feel like you're floating. There's some good euphoria along with it. Sometimes you can feel a bit sick to your stomach which is why I smoke bud with it. They just go well together. If you've ever taken an Oxy or a Hydro and gotten the itches you can get the itches from O but its much more mild. Not nearly as bothersome. Its a pleasant experience. The high lasts several hours and usually by the time its done you're ready to go to sleep. Sleep comes VERY easy from O which is nice.
  16. Lol I like the description for the large papaver pods "For decorative use only." man this makes me really want to try this and maybe share it with some friends. But I am a very cautious user of took me weeks of research on weed b4 I decided to use it so I will be careful.
  17. do you think there would be any difference in quality in using the extra large pods v.s. the small ones? i know there would be a larger yield but i was just wondering about quality product.

  18. Good question. Try the regular pods and try back with us so we can compare. I just finished off the rest of my O and I must say I don't think it was very strong. But I've only had O one time in my life so I can't compare it to the "good" shit out there. Most pics I saw the O was solid pitch black. Mine was sort of dark brown. I think we got a bunch of very fine powder from the pods in there that the french press didn't filter out making our yield appear bigger than it was. But shit I could be wrong. I'm stoned as hell right now and I couldn't tell you if it felt any different from anything. I'm going to go watch some ATFH though and see what its like.

    Also I am thinking about a new experient involving a case of tazmanian poppy pods. Tazmanian are supposed to be the best of the best in terms of pods so we'll see.

    Man now that I think about it I am fucking HAMMERED right now. Damn this is fantastic. Every hair on my body tingles in a wave as I type.
  19. If you don't mind me asking, how many pods did you have?

    I'm planning on growing some Persian White. Do you think it'd be okay to grow it inside to avoid getting in trouble? If so, do you happen to have any tips or know where I could get some tips?

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