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  1. I have been experimenting with some liquids for my bongs and I have come across a few of note. I am aware that they are called WATER BONGS for a reason however I think it's really cool how some of these are better than water in my ever so humble opinion:D

    - Mouthwash; This was out of sheer neccesity, We were in the boonies and all I had was mouthwash and bourbon and we decided on mouthwash. It was a very mild and very pleasant minty taste and I noticed it made the hits alot smoother.

    - Apple juice: This was kind of weird, I was very high and bored so I poured some AJ into my friends very nice bong (local artist made if for him) and he hit it thinking it was water (once again very high) and we both found out we love it! It's a really neat apple taste but it's very mild and it tastes like a hybrid apple/weed plant should taste.

    - Freezing cold Jagermiester (sp?); Very drunk and high when we tried this, Very smooth and extremely nice licorice taste and it was really good until we noticed how sticky the bong had gotten.

    - Nyquil: Once again out of sheer neccesity we decided to use a fresh bottle of Nyquil. It had been sitting in my truck during the cold snap last year and was very cold and while it was murder trying to draw thru that it was actually a decent taste and very refreshing. DONT DO THIS unless you can clean your bong out within maybe 10 minutes of finishing and PLZ dont do this is your bong has percs lol

    - Pineapple Juice: By FAR my favorite was chilled pineapple juice, It had the great taste of pineapple and it multiplied the taste of the weed by like 15% so it was a pineappley/Blackberry kush kind of taste that was fantastic!

    Post any liquids you have used OTHER than water lol
  2. Alch absorbs thc though, so I wouldnt be using mouthwash or jager.

    Edit: nvm, takes too long to absorb.
  3. My mouthwash is Alc-free but good point on the Yager. We were too blizted to notice though
  4. Hmmm i heard that using hot tea as a subsitute makes the hits smoother.
  5. Pineapple Juice sounds tasty:D
  6. In all my years...I discovered good ol fashioned water is the best lol.:p
  7. I said OTHER than water lol no one pulled the" Oh I heard urine is great too!" card yet
  8. So, um B-12 vitamin... Its raz beery flavored.... I feel it always makes me a bit happier, seriously, and of corse the taste catches on after the hit!

    Most strong flavors hit, Ive had wonder with orange G2.

    About to try your mouthwash, just fyi
  9. MOUTHWASH=huge success
    MINTY, cold, amazing! Im using purple
  10. i always use like the packets you can buy to put in your wateer i have put cool aid, propel many things in my glass that have tasted very nice
  11. When I was maybe 16 we were riding around in a car with bottle of 99 apples (liquor) and a bong. The kid wouldnt pull over so we took rips with that. I was too wasted to know if it got me more fucked up but it was disgusting.

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