o shit, are my baby plants fucked?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by brian8472, Dec 12, 2003.


with a 1 inch stem already am i fucked?

  1. yes you are unconditionally fucked , eat the seeds

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  2. no way man just set them in some peat and youll b cruisin

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  1. my 4 seeds today all started to germinate they have all developed large long( 1 inch) stems from the seeds i just discovered this todat at 3 am here i cant do anything about it until my mom gets up, im gonna transplant it to a peat pot is it too late ppl? its already about 1 inch long but this happened very fast almost over night because before i got drunk today it had nothing and now it has a stem im so happy and impressed right now but i need to know if its too late
  2. if you plan on growing them outdoors, it's probably too late (unless you live in the tropics)

    if you're growing them indoors... be extremely careful during transplanting.

    also... this shoulda gone in one of the grow forums ;)

    good luck :D
  3. i think youll get the answers you need here......
    have a good one

  4. put some flourecent light on it, and a fan.. in these forum, theres a sticky of vatoloco with some good guides...latezzz..
  5. ya but..well i dont like to admit this cause ppl think im dumb but that guide is hard to understand and find things cause i have very poor reading comrehention skills :( poor brian lets help him :D

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