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O prices.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by II TsLiM II, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Well I'm about to start buying in O's because I'm tired of just buying 1-2 grams at a time, not worth the money, but whats a decent price for an o of straight heads, my dealer said 450, but i think that's a bit too much, i don't even think its straight haze its maybe like high beasters low heads.:smoke:
  2. Seriously, it really depends on your area. There's not much you as an individual can do to change the economy of cannabis in your area's market. Other than your location, prices vary heavily on who your connect is. Just ask and try to meet new dealers who can get better deals. I've gotten dealers who sold as low as 750 USD for a QP of standard dank. A standard ounce is usually around 300 USD. 350 USD isn't uncommon lately either. I, personally, would feel bad paying more than 400 USD for an ounce.
  3. honestly it sounds like he's just trying to make some profit off of it instead of giving it to you for the price he gets.but then again like the poster above me said,it could just be your area too.but around here prices go from 300-375 a zip.just depends on who you know.
  4. It really depends on your area. For instance, around here it's about 200 an O for decent mids and about 300-400 for much higher quality dank.
  5. Ya man depends on the area, here in Mass is about 200 for an ounce of mids and about 250-300 for a ounce of haze
  6. prices depend on where you live and who you know. im livin in sacramento and zips usually cost bout 300~350 for some dank. i get dank zips for 250 usually because my dealer hooks me up. just search around for different dealers and see who's the cheapest with the best stuff.
  7. just take the price you normally pay for an eighth and multiply that by 6. that's a good mid range O-price. it might be an eighth cost less or an eighth cost more depending on the quality.

    example: you pay 50$ for an eighth

    low range O = 250$
    mid range O = 300$
    high range O = 350$
  8. I pay about 40 for mids and 50 for highs for a 1/8
  9. $450 is pretty steep for an ounce. I pay $250-$320 for the same weed that is supplied to many of the cannabis clubs in central cali so its really dank
  10. i can get a o of mid grade for about 100
  11. Damn thats low man what state are you in
  12. Maryland yeah but i think thats the normal pice for down here cuz o'z usually go from 100-150
  13. 60 an o of some fire ass reggie ( its not even brown either lol )
    100 - 120 an oz for some kush

    few times in some other states i spent about 300 an oz on some lemon skunk..

    its only expensive if you dont have a good job.
  14. here it can be:

    $120 mids
    $250 beasters/kb
    $300-325 heads
    $375-450 dank
  15. Heres what I pay in the Bay Area:
    Mids/high mids-150 O
    Headies like Sour D and Goop and Kush-240 an O

    But like others said it all depends where you live and who you know.
  16. You dont get in the game to break even...
  17. lol.
    120 for high mids here. sticky, orange hairs., but a few beaners.
    lowest ive heard was 85.
  18. Damn, in Denmark you can get high end for whats equivalent to $245 an ounce..
  19. Damn nice where are you man?
  20. I live in Florida and this is about what I pay...

    Retail -
    - $10(Dime) = 3+ grams
    - $20(Quarter) = 7 grams
    - $30(Half O) = 14 grams
    - $60(Oz) = 28 grams
    - $10(Dime) = 2+ Grams
    - $25-$30(Quarter) = 7 grams
    - $50(Half O) = 14 grams
    - $80-$100(Oz) = 28 grams
    High Grades:
    - $20 = 1 gram
    - $50(Eighth) = 3.5 grams
    - $90(Quarter) = 7 grams
    - $150(Half oz) = 14 grams
    - $280-325(Oz) = 28 grams
    Exotic Shit:(Like Purp, Kush, White widow, etc..)
    - $30 = 1 gram
    - $100(Eighth) = 3.5 grams
    - $150(Quarter) = 7 grams
    - $280(Half O) = 14 grams
    - $500(Oz) = 28 grams

    Wholesale -
    $180-225(Quarter Pound) = 4 oz
    - $350-400(Half pound) = 8 oz
    - $600-800(Pound) = 16 oz [The closer to $800 the better the weed should be]
    - $300(Quarter Pound) = 4 oz
    - $500(Half pound) = 8 oz
    - $800-1,000(Pound) = 16 oz
    High Grades:
    - $300(Oz) = 28 grams
    - $1,000-1200(Quarter Pound) = 4 oz
    - $1,500-2000(Half pound) = 8 oz
    - $2500+(Pound) = 16 oz

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