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O of some no-name jersey dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by lessthanjeezy, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Just picked up a little while ago, pics aren't great but lemme know what you think:wave:

    Great smoke, great smell, and sooo trichy:hello:

    Attached Files:

  2. Your so lucky! you got "A Christmas Story"
  3. Hey! That is actually a mini-leg lamp from the christmas story...pretty badasss
  4. you should come to cali and share some of that :p
    hahaha nice pick up:smoke:
  5. Damn. That's some fuck.

    How much for zipper?
  6. This. Im curious myself.
  7. I sold you that bag.

    haha jk. Looks like a nice pickup.
  8. 375 so not too bad for jersey
  9. nice man how much!?
  10. ^see above. haha
  11. 375 is not bad at all in New Jersey. I don't personally live up there but i hear that they will sell .8 of bud for 20-25 bucks, krip or mids thats just stupid. so for that price thats a great deal
  12. Looks good. expensive but nice.

  13. yea its a little pricey in general, but as far as jersey gos, 375 for an o of dank is a pretty good deal, sometimes upwards of 450 but im likin it a lot so far:bongin:...

    and to the above poster talking about .8s for 20 thats common for dank around my area but i only get gs cause i got a good dude...also middies run about 10 a g around here havnt seen any of that in a whiiiile though

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