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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by the814, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. haha. i just went out for a ride and smoked a couple bowls and after i had to get gas and almost got diesel! :cool: put my card in and went to push the grade and looked down and was like diesel?! had to cancel that shit and move to another pump. :smoke: anyone else ever do this?
  2. No but when im baked enough i sit in the passanger seat forgetting that im the one whos driving
  3. I haven't done it but I have seen it a lot since I have worked at a gas station before.
    The sad part is the diesel pump is completely different looking than the 3 gas pumps.
    I have even seen an elderly man successfully fill his camper with it, then decided to call us and blame us for the confusion and that we were paying for the damages. Needless to say he didn't win that argument it was stated on more than enough different areas of the pump/handle but also because it's not our duty to inform the customer what they are filling up with.

    Recently there's been a shortage of diesel so there's even little red bags and signs covering the buttons, so you could only imagine how many people STILL try and go through with the transaction.

    That job provided many hours of entertainment haha.

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