O no.. Tolerance sky high

Discussion in 'General' started by Weebie, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. So I just moved into my own place and I gotta say.. I'm lovin it... Always wanted to sit in front of the tv and watch the office wihle smokin a bowl without worry :cool:

    Well I'm smokin some of the dankest weed I've ever been able to lay eyes on and it's a constant supply of it so I'm basically just smokin bowls all day long.. Only about 4-5 max but pretty much constantly ya know, hit here, hit there.. Making a bowl last a while.

    But shit man, 3 weeks of this and my tolerance is rediculously high.. It's takin me about 2 bowls of dank shit to get me stoned....

    This weekend I'm gona be startin a t-break.. I haven't had a taken a break in about 5 months =/ Not looking forward to it..

    And my xbox just gave me the RED RING OF DEATH :mad:
  2. Haha good deal man.

    I hope your enjoying, but just don't take it for granted. Just remember you have everything to loose and nothing to gain.
    but enough negative nancy-ness

    Live it Up :smoke:
  3. I move out next year, want to start growing.
    But a little scared.
    Glad to see your having fun.
    Just be safe, and be smart.

  4. You dont have to quit altogether, just smoke once per day and your tollerance will level out very quickly. Try and go a whole day without smoking, then just before bed smoke a bowl and see how high you get.

  5. I've been thinkin about starting a little grow op in my closet.... I have just barley enough room.. I just gotta do more research and buy all the equipment.

    But if I get caught it's a fucking felony..... If I lived in a house I'd be much safer but I live in an apartment with a couple roommates, so...

    PS: The Office is on right now... I fucking love this show :smoke:
  6. A break 3-4 days every couple weeks can do wonders for the mind.

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