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O-high-o Mids!! *ZIP* [OK-ish MACROS]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by nomel90, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. hello everyone, just picked up a whole one of some regs for $110 which is a pretty good price, these are some good mids, just finished an ounce of grapefruit kush and these mids still got me high as shit, smooth smoke and smells like sunny delight, weird i know!




    ^this bud was especially dense and sticky



    good smoke none the less :smoking:
  2. damn those regs are pretty nice i wish i could find a price like that around here
  3. damn, looks good. i pay 120 for that.
  4. yeah I usually pay 120-130 for this quality but I got the hookup from a new-ish guy at work so its all good :smoking:
  5. Good deal man, those look great for that price.
  6. Those mids have a good amount of trichs on them, i'd say those are some high mids.
  7. yeah they're pretty nice, just alot of seeds :devious:
  8. looks decent
  9. looks good, i'm pickin up a zip of mids this week too hopefully my guy will hook me up with some that good lookin
  10. yeah man hopefully

    on another note, has anyone smoked mids that smell like sunny delight:confused:
  11. ^ I just got some stuff off some kid and it does remind me of Sunny Delight, no lie hahah. I didn't get as much as you though. I got 3 of these for $20 off some kid. It'll all roll 3 FAT dutches. Can't wait to smoke it. :smoking::smoking::smoking:


  12. mine kinda look like a shitty more compressed version of yours minus some hairs + seeds very strong sunny d smell though lol
  13. "grapefruit kush"

    you aren't in cinci are you lol
  14. I personally think thats really bad looking leafy bud. Next to no trichs and a bunch of seeds. I think you got ripped even for 110. Atleast you got high =\
  15. nope but got it in columbus
  16. damn that looks pretty close to the mids i get for the same price...

    if you dont mind what part of ohio are you from? i get the same price for the same lookin shit thats crazy :eek:

    EDIT: just saw your last post... yep same part i get mine from (basically) pretty cool man small world!
  17. yeah it is a small world

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