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O.F.F.s club

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, May 5, 2002.

  1. I think we need to start an Old Fried Farts club.

    I nominate Critter for president and myself for vise president.

    Who would you elect?

    Just a thought to see who is going to be President, Vise Pres., etc.

    Your vote will count so please vote!
  2. apparently thats all i am and all i do (says the wife).
    how old do u think the age limit should be,to keep the young fools away from us?............
  3. i say 45 thats pretty old
  4. 45?

    That means I can't be in it!

    And I've already elected myself Grand Poobah for life. Nobody else was around, so I took it upon myself to create the position.

    The truth is I just like saying it.


    Kind of gives you a chance to stretch you face in a manner you're not normally accustomed to.

    So we gonna have a prez and a vice prez, eh?

    That's OK.

    I've decided the Grand Poobah of O.F.F. shall model his office after one Zaphod Breeblebrox. (sp?)

    For all you non-Douglas Adams fans, (shame on you) that means that my job will be to distract attention away from the "real" government so they can do as the please.

    Now, what shall I do to create a ruckus?

    Well, I was thinking about maybe me and the wife could stage a near divorce on these message boards...................


    It'd never work.

    I realize I'm leaving myself wide open saying this, but does anyone have any suggestions?

  5. That's what many call me....yet I'm still in denial!!

  6. im over 30 ,married ,with son.....can i be a member, i think i can comply with all the rules..except the port drinkin..i much prefer my port with an 1/2 measure of good brandy...
  7. ok, ok critter, I will try to speak up more!

    Can girls be members of the O.F.F. club? What was it that Stonie Jo called us--O.G.O.D.'s or something like that. My memory ain't so good lol!!

    GOOD MORNING ALL YOU O.F.F. 's!!! I hope your weekend is going as great as mine!
  8. Smokie we all know you are the Grand Poobah. That doesn't even need to be said. You'll make a great one just being you!!!!!
    No one would ever believe you and your wife almost got divorced, that would be

    Smokie your the Grand Poobah, your age doesn't

    Critter the rules sound greeat to me. I think you covered most eveything. Only i don't think most people are going to be able to keep up with ya on the smoking and port. we'll all be stumbleing potheads.LOL

    The age should be 30 and you have to have kids. Smoke and drink to much and be a jeckel and hyde!lol Just like critter and critter2. lol

    Our gatherings should be every 2 years though instead of 4. If you miss a meeting you should have to do somthing to make it up. I'll work on that one!

    Our meetings are to take place in the bush by the river!!

    Now we need a count of how many members we have.
  9. Cowboysaxman, Just a member. :smoking:
  10. A part of a great community where people love one another and respect one another. Unlike the govenments we treat each other as equals not in ranks!!!

    Cowboy you have our respect brother! So get ya ass on the boat! Every one counts in the official O.F.F. club!!!!!!!!
  11. So I went over to "da Hooka" and did a little diggin.

    I just brought it back to the top of the mellow forum.

    Can anybody remember it showing up before then?

    Just in case it becomes another 420 type of thing!
  12. ill be darned if i dont qualify
    ya got me too
  13. [​IMG] Can I join? [​IMG] I'm 40 [​IMG] [​IMG]


    PS Critter I'll try to post more...[​IMG]
  14. I do believe that all that has replied do qualify for an active spot in the club. Looks like we have a house full of O.F.F.s.

    Highya, Justme, and Stony, We need to here more from ya! I was begining to think ya might have forgotten about ya pals around here!

    Great day to ya everyone.

  15. maybe you could have a club for the people under 20 so that you can tell the age of the people your talking to
    doesnt make much sense
  16. Honary member, Woody?????? I thought I was a charter member. I will take any position that I am elected for but don't ask me to keep up with the books or the minutes of the meetings.

    I think Highawatha deserves special recognition as Special Ambassador to Native Peoples.
  17. .......that sounds like me!!!!!!! Does that mean I get to play, too ??
    I've been feeling very old lately, and this two-toke shit I just got my hands on has me seriously fried. And farts? Hell, that's cheap entertainment around here!!!
    I usually check in here every Dr. Jeckyl quietly reads the posts-even tries to reply occasionally. Hyde would be the one typing this now. I'll get it out-if you understand my twisted ramblings, good for you!!! If not, smoke a few more bong loads and try it again. If that don't work, give it a few more ice cream seasons.
    Here I am, ramblin on again................just tell me to shut up!!! LOL!!!
    Love ya guys!!!!!
  18. By the time I got here to this forum,,this old fart was thinkin about sleep,,then I saw the I know it's

    That bud in the scrog box is way to to be smokin so late...zzzz....nite all.

  19. I think we are going to be a strictly "Mens Club" if memebership is restricted to 30 yrs old and up. I have yet to see a women on this board who will admit to being 30 or older. Let's set the female requirements at "29 and holding" so we can even out the genders....................

  20. Damn you sound familiar? You wouldn't happen to be from Tenessee?

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