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  1. What are some of your best experiences, and how did you come across them?
  2. How did I come across O.B.E's? I started researching O.B.E's in college after experiencing sleep paralysis for years. Eventually I decided 'what heck, ill work with this and see where this goes.'

    My first experience was the craziest, most intense experience ive ever had. In all honesty I didn't expect such a slap across the face, but it happened. I did what I had read: in the onset of sleep paralysis, literally pull yourself up from...yourself, like your climbing a rope out of your body. In a matter of moments your looking over you. I was disembodied, and realized I was hovering. At that point the noise, the hallucinations and vibrations ceased. I wasn't scared anymore, I had this control that I never had before in sleep paralysis.

    This prompted me take the next step, and thought well if this is astral travel I might as well travel astrally! In a matter of moments, I was catapulted into space, the Earth gone in a matter of seconds. Just flying, flying as fast as I could. I hit a point where I screetched to an immediate halt to take in everything, which was pretty much a vast nothingness of space and stars in the distance. Earth wasn't in sight, and upon thinking 'shit how the hell am I gonna get back! I'm so far away, I dont know where i'm at!' I was slammed back into my body, completly awake.

    Like mentioned in other posts, alot of times in attempt to do this it usually just fizzles out...but by far, this had to be my most vivid, amazing O.B.E. experience!
  3. I don't know why I gave up on Astral Projection, I would love to actually accomplish it..

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