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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by yellow bic, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. just wondering if anyone else is a fan of OAR

    there pretty good i just recently got into them. they have some of the chillest songs to listen to when your rollin around town lol
  2. I saw oar live last christmas and it was the best concert i've ever seen in my life. everyone was in the top balcony of the tabernacal just smokin there brains out and having an awesome time. They are so good live.
  4. to steal a line from samuel L jackson, "I DON'T REMEMBER ASKIN YOU A GODDAMM THING!"

  5. I have to agree.. they are amazing live. I don't even own any of their studio recorded albums.. they lack alot of energy the live versions do..
  6. ive listened to them for a while now theyre really chill. i remember when i took acid the song delicate few was playing at the very peak of my trip it was pretty sweet. i was one with the universe at that moment it was a feeling i will never forget it was awesome and unexplainable but the music was like flowing through me and i was engulfed by colors and sights and was like no sensation ive ever had.
  7. i do not like their newer album as much, but i listen to them on occasion. I cant remember the name of the cd but its a live one that i listen to quite a bit (all the good songs like city on down the night shift etc)

  8. Any Time Now and 34th & 8th are my two favorite live albums. Any Time now has both city on down and night shift on it.. Actually the version of Night Shift goes into "Stir it up" with Junior Marvin Marley (I think) on it.. great live callaboration(sp?)..
  9. yeah i got the one where it morphs into the other song, good stuff

  10. More like, to steal a second time.

    O.A.R sucks.
  11. OAR, ya i like them and there music is chill, but a lot of there songs sound the same and they dont really bring anything new to the table.

    end verdict, ok band, chill yet nothing new.
  12. O.A.R is a great band, i dont really like thier new album its seems to be a different style than the others but thier old music is awesome.

    they are amazing live too
  13. I don't personally like them. Also, I can't for the life of me see how they are considered reggae. I've heard some stuff by them that is reggae and is relaxed, but for the most part it seems like soft-rock. Not the band for me.
  14. i agree there not really reggae

    the tabernacle???? you mean the tabernacle in atlanta i used to live there if this is where your talking about i absolutely love the tabernacle everyone does indeed smoke on the balcony lol

    i saw the black crowes at the tabernacle when i still lived in atlanta

    ya 34th & 8th is my favortie cd

    i do agree that they sound amazing live (judging by the cd) im hoping to see them live sometime this year
  15. I think I heard that they will be touring with 311 soon or something like that...

    Could have been old news/incorrect news, though.

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